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a little something i forgot to tell you….

i’m flying to paris today.

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beautiful people ~ cher

this is a lady i have been inspired by pretty much my whole life.  first, i grew up listening to my parents play her music and second, as a young teen i saw the movie ‘mermaids’ and to this day it is one of my absolute favourites.  she really needs no introduction so here are some photos i love of cher.

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hey there….long time, no see!

well happy new year everybody!  i hope 2011 has treated you well so far.  i haven’t posted in forever, sorry about that.  i spent the majority of december ill with some horrible virus that gave me a sore chesty cough, fever, sore throat, barry white voice….it was pretty nasty.  i’m finally just getting over it a month later!  christmas was good, i was thoroughly spoiled and got lots of lovely treats.  new year was fairly quiet, i wasn’t feeling great so my mister and i ended up staying in and watching movies and eating party food.  we were in bed around 11.30pm and but were awake to say happy new year to each other.  this past week has been pretty quiet.  i went back to college yesterday.  i pretty much hate it, although i have good people in my class so it’s bearable, plus i finish on june 10th so it’s not too far away.  guess what day today is?  the very last day of my 20s!  i turn 30 tomorrow and although i’ve been pretty scared about it for the last year or so, now that it’s actually happening, i’m kind of excited about it an embracing it with open arms.  my 20s were a kind of weird time.  i make a lot of mistakes, found it hard to fit in, didn’t know what i wanted to be or who i was and i hid a lot of my true self for fear i wouldn’t be accepted.  don’t get me wrong, i had some amazing times!  i lived in both america and australia where i made awesome friendships and memories.  i also met my husband in australia and got married in vegas.  as my 20s come to an end, i know now that it’s ok to be who i am.  i am a bit of a hippie, with quite liberal views, a desire to be free and for everybody to have the same freedom i have.  i like to travel and be a bit of a gypsy and a drifter.  i learned it’s ok not to plan.  i like not knowing what’s around the corner, i like being open to exciting opportunities.  i know i’m unconventional and that’s ok.  i’ve become less argumentative, i still have my moments and you can bet your bottom dollar i will fight for what i believe in.  i learned that family and true friends come first, no matter what and it’s better to have a few amazing, close friends than a lot of acquaintances.  i am blessed to have incredible friends scattered across the globe and right here at home that inspire me and care about me and accept me the way i am, i’m just sad i don’t get to hang out with some of them because they are too far away.  i’ve know now that work is not a prioity of mine.  i’m almost 30 and i still don’t have a career in mind, but that’s ok.  i am fine and happy just the way i am.  i am looking forward to my 30s being a decade of enjoying life and travel and laughter and adventures and family and love.   i hope you all have a wonderful year.

lisa malia xo