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float my boat

i am craving a root beer float so bad. too bad we don’t have a&w in the uk :(

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movies i heart ~ american splendor


american splendor is a cute little indie movie based on the life of the late harvey pekar, a working class american guy who turned his life story into a comic book of the same name.  the movie switches between fiction, with paul giamatti starring as harvey, and real-life with the actual people the characters are based on giving their insights.  when you see the real-life sections, you realise what an amazing job the actors have done to become their subjects right down to the voices.  my favourite character is toby, the genuine nerd, played wonderfully by judah friedlander. please check this movie out.

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music i heart ~ edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

another new series of blogs i will be doing is music i heart mondays.  each monday i am going to post a video of a song/band that i heart.  hope you enjoy.

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

i’m starting with edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros because i’ve been listening to them for quite a while now and i still can’t get enough. i love their kooky, bohemian style and attitude.  i also have a little crush on alex ebert, the bearded, long-haired singer ♥

as if!

i realised today that one of my favourite movies from my teen years is 15 this year! 15! man, i feel old.  the movie is clueless.  i saw it in the movie theater in 1995 when i was 14 and loved it.  my friends and i would quote it all the time and let’s face it, we all wanted to be cher.  it starred the beautiful alicia silverstone as cher, the late brittany murphy as tai, the adorable paul rudd as josh and breckin myer, who i had a bit of a weird crush on, as travis birkenstock (great name!).  it’s one of those typical 90s movies where nothing much happens but it’s funny and very much a sign of the times.  i watched it recently and still thought it was great. some of my favourite quotes…

“cher’s saving herself for luke perry.”

“do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?”

“searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a pauly shore movie.”

“as if!”

and many more…

if you’ve never seen clueless, where the hell have you been? go watch it now.  if you have seen it, chances are you share my feelings about how good this movie was and still is.  happy 15th birthday clueless.

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i spy with my little eye…

this is a new category of posts i’m going to be doing regularly.  i’m going to post 5 things that i have spotted and share them with you. i’m hoping they will make you smile :)

…wally (waldo) in the grocery store?

…the happiest balloons in the world

…some ooey, gooey cheese pizza

…fireflies in glass jar lanterns

…the littlest, cutie patootie wild thing.

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summer in a song

these are two beautiful songs that i’m loving on this summer, sung by two pretty ladies. they make me feel happy and summery and put a big ol’ smile on my face.  

guess what?

i wonder if you can guess what i’m doing today?

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