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countdown to america…(and a list)

in 5 weeks tiiiiiime (sung to the tune of 5 years time by noah and the whale) i will be visitng this dude

big abe! yes, i am returning to my second home of vienna, va in america. you probably haven’t heard of vienna, right? well it’s a town about 15 minutes outside of washington dc and i lived there for a while back in 2004.  i’ve been back twice since but haven’t been since 2006 i think.  anyway, i’m super excited because i get to visit all my old haunts and show the mister my american hometown.  i haven’t done a list post for a while so here are some things i’m looking forward to doing when i’m there….

1.  meet my friend, april’s, new baby boy, max.
2. going to jammin’ java to see some live music
3. spending thanksgiving day with my buddy, mike
4. enjoying some georgetown cupcakes
5. driving to pennsylvania to see the amish people and the hometown of the margeras.
6. driving to florida (hopefully) to go to the wizarding world of harry potter.
7. getting a burrito from chipotle.
8. strolling through georgetown, dc
9. recreating the forrest gump moment at the reflection pool
10. visiting some smithsonian museums
11. getting a pumpkin spiced chai tea latte from starbucks
12. sephora!
13. shopping in urban outfitters and it’s not expensive.
14. hanging out at tyson’s corner mall.
15. breakfast burrito at silver diner.
16. fish tacos at clare and don’s surf shack.
17. having like a million more flavours of ben & jerry’s to choose from.
18. pink lemonade with tons of ice from the fountain.
19. taco bell.
20. hanging out at fell’s point and inner harbor in baltimore.
21. black friday sales.
22. finding great vintage stores.
23. maybe roadtripping to the town where dawson’s creek was filmed.

yeah…so that’s why i’m excited!!!!


i heart fall tv shows

i am obsessed with so many great tv shows right now that i’ve been watching online.

first up is new girl starring the lovely zooey deschanel.  you know we love her in this house.  it’s such a cute show. she plays this nerd called jess who likes to sing in uncomfortable situations and has 3 pretty dorky guy flatmates.  she also comes out with classic lines like “i’m gonna have fun ’cause there’s nothin’ wrong with me. if you don’t like that, then TOUGH TATER TOTS, TOOTER!”

2 broke girls is a funny little show about a struggling feisty chick played by the awesome kat dennings who ends up working and living with a heiress princess who has fallen out of favour with her family as they try to earn money to start a cupcake business. it’s witty, funny and a little bit different. liking it a lot so far.

i love this show. i always dreamed of being a stewardess when i was little after seeing a show on tv, not sure what it was, but there was the most glamourous 60s stewardess on it and i wanted to be her. anyway, pan am is a pretty great show. the styling is great and donna from neighbours is in it.

hart of dixie is one that i have just started watching today.  i’m not a huge fan of rachel bilson as an actress, but i have always liked her style.  i watched half of the pilot episode and i like it so far.  it’s sort of a tv version of the movie, swet home alabama.  good so far.

believe it or not, two and a half men is a new show for me.  my husband loves this show but i have never been able to watch an entire episode because i really do not like charlie sheen.  anyway, now that ashton is in it, i gave it a whirl and i love it! i have missed ashton being on tv since his days as kelso in that 70s show, my favourite sitcom of all time.  he basically plays a grown up version on kelso in this, pretty but dumb and i think he fits right into the show.

well i should really stop watching so much tv or my eyes will go square or i may even end up shurnk and in my tv like mike teevee in charlie and the chocolate factory!

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sick day

i’m sick.  i had to come home from work today because i felt all hot and shivery and clammy and sick and just plain crappy.  i’ve never been one of those people who can be ill and go to their bed and sleep and i never lose my appetite unless i have the full on flu so i like soup and movies when i’m sick.  as a kid i had a lot of issues with my sinuses and tonsils and i was off school…a lot.  luckily my dad worked from 5pm until midnight and was around to take care of me.  he always made the best sick day food…grilled cheese sandwiches and heinz tomato soup.

  sometimes he would give me hula hoop crisps to dunk in my soup like croutons.  he would make me milky tea or hot ribena and i’d get all settled on the couch with my snoopy and woodstock blanket and watch movies.  i think ya’ll know i love my movies and between me and my husband we have a pretty ridiculous collection but whenever i’m sick i want to watch the movies that i used to watch when i was sick as a kid.  there’s something comforting about it.  same as i still like a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (sometimes with hula hoops).  so i thought i would do a little top 5 of my favourite sick day movies. 

willy wonka and the chocolate factory (still my favourite for sick days)

edward scissorhands (i watched this so much i went through 2 videos that got chewed up from overuse)

the little mermaid. loved it since i saw it in the cinema. still joint favourite disney movie of all time with peter pan

the neverending story. isn’t this a favourite sick day movie of most 80’s kids?

my girl. i was a HUGE macaulay culkin fan. i still can’t cope when thomas j dies and i want all of shelly’s wardrobe and her camper!

so there you have it. i’m still a big kid at heart and there isn’t a time when you revert back to being a kid quite as much as when you’re sick. hope you don’t catch this bug.


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vegan update

so…again…I’ve tried and failed on my vegan journey. I tried it and yes it did make me feel good and yes I lost a little weight and yes I felt better about not contributing to animal cruelty but it’s just not for me. Full time anyway. I have decided not to label myself as I think labels put too much pressure on people. So what I will say is that I will continue to eat vegan food as much as I can, but if I want cheese or egg or even a bit of fish or chicken then I am not going to beat myself up about it or let others judge my choices.