Monthly Archives: February 2010

pieces of me

*i’m loud but can be equally chilled*i’m outgoing but i’m shy*i care what others think of me*i’ve got wanderlust that i just can’t shake off*i’m messy and disorganised but i love to put my life into lists*i believe in love at first sight*i trust too easily and usually get hurt*iwould have been a hippie*i believe in second chances*i’m always on time*i’m a sucker for a happy ending*i’m a complete mix of tomboy and girly*i talk too fast when i get excited*i like to escape to the land of books and movies*i’m a bit of a drama queen*i comfort my soul in music*sometimes i’m a dork*i’m confused*i’m complicated*i believe in soulmates*i’m not always sure of myself*i have a million things going on in my head at once*i hate the way money makes people greedy*i appreciate details*i’ve been called eccentric*i hate being lied to*i am a fountain of useless information*i love to laugh till my belly hurts*i’m completely unconventional*i’m inquisitive*i’m totally gullible*i’m dizzy and clumsy*i’m a little chaotic yet pretty laid-back*i’m a total dreamer*i start lots of things but give up too easily*too often i lose myself in my thoughts*i’m a scaredy cat*i love my family and friends and would do anything to make them happy*i want to see every little bit of the world*i don’t take life or myself too seriously*i can’t do the 9-5 thing*i write haiku to remember moments*i have a big dirty laugh*i’m happiest by the sea*i need at least 2 hugs a day*i like to be taken care of*i’ve said goodnight to the moon every night since i can remember*i’m vegetarian*i’m a rebel sometimes without a cause*i just want to be happy*