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le petit déjeuner

i had a really delicious french style breakfast, or should i say, le petit déjeuner, this morning.  fresh, warm croissant, bonne maman strawberry conserve, fresh orange juice and a very british mug of tea, albeit in a starbucks mug from paris!  the only thing that would have made it better? if it was being served to me in paris ♥


photographer crush

i grew up in a home where photos were taken pretty much constantly.  my dad was and still is, a really great photographer with quite the collection of cameras.  this has inspired me over the years and i have a huge love of photography.  where my dad is mostly into landscape photography, which i also like, i am more drawn to portraits, quirky vintage looking shots and fashion photography.  i recently came across these beautiful shots by a photographer called wendy bevan and i just adore them and am so inspired by them…

(photos via

i heart italian food

just wanted to share some delicious italian food i had this week in st andrews.  it was only at bella italia but it was so yummy…


heart shaped ravioli filled with buffalo mozzarella and tomato with spinach and cherry tomatoes in a pesto drizzle!

then i spotted a cupcake shop so of course i had to bring home some cupcakes for me and the mister…

mine – honeycomb, the mister’s – double chocolate

vintage treasure

i haven’t really had any time recently to go thrifting and hunting for vintage treasure but this past week i was in st. andrews with my pops and my aunt and i came across this cute little vintage bag for 3 bucks!!! bargain! i love it.

a vampire kind of weekend

i don’t think i ever blogged about the vampire weekend gig i went to in november.  i was looking through my camer today and there was some photos on it from that gig that i didn’t even realise had been taken.  maybe the mister took them?  anyway,  it was a really awesome show.  it was the first day that we had that really heavy snowfall at the end of november and we weren’t sure if it was going to be cancelled and whether we’d be able to get there, but we trooped on through and it was one of the best gigs i’ve been to.  if you don’t know vampire weekend, please check them out!  their song M79 makes me dance around like a loon :)

macarons, sushi and cope? pretty much the perfect day!

so, i had a really nice afternoon/evening on friday.  i went into glasgow to meet my friend, emily.  we met in princes square and ended up going into fifi & ally for some tea.  i hadn’t been in before but it was really cute.  there were french waiters and monochrome flocked wallpaper that had silhouettes of different kinds of dogs on it.  pretty cool.  anyway we spent an hour or so just catching up over tea and macarons.  we had the jasmine and rose flavoured ones and they were pretty delicious.  you can’t really tell in this photo, but the macarons were glittery!

the weather was pretty crappy on friday so after we had dragged out our time in fifi and ally as much as we could without being thrown out, we headed across buchanan street to yo! sushi.  i just adore yo! sushi.  the design of it is so vibrant and i love that you can see the sushi chefs making food in the middle of the conveyor belt that runs around the room with sushi on it.  you can eat at your own pace and pick and choose what you want.  we ate a lot of sushi and edamame and drank a lot of green tea and i tried 2 dishes i hadn’t had before; pumpkin korroke and the tofu katsu curry – both were amazing!

after that it was time to head to king tut’s wah wah hut for the citizen cope gig.  i have loved this guy since i first heard his music and saw him play at jammin’ java when i loved in virginia in 2004.  he has a really good voice and a cool sound, sort of acoustic/reggae/soul/pretty much every other genre of music.  the fact that i think he is beautiful is also a plus ♥  i’ve seen him live 4 times now and met him 3 times.  every other time, i’ve seen him with his band but this was an acoustic set, just him and his guitar.  it was really good, apart from obnoxious drunken glaswegians who were being loud and a girl next to us puking all over the floor! i didn’t get much of a chance to chat with him after as i have before but i did get to tell him i enjoyed it and he gave me a little hug.  made my night ♥  before he was on, down in the bar area, 2 bands from texas played a free gig.  they were the o’s and sean russell.  both were pretty amazing.  the o’s were kinda hilbilly rock with banjos and whatnot and sean russell was more mainstream/acoustic.  i would recommend them both!  all in all, it was a great night!

pop tarts

i decided to make some pumpkin cupcakes the other day as i’m managed to source a can of pumpkin in harvey nichols food market.  they were pretty much a disaster.  i couldn’t find my cupcake baking tin so i just had to put the cases on a flat tray and they didn’t hold the batter up which meant they were just wrong.  anyhoo, i had a half can of pumpkin left that i didn’t want to waste so i was browsing online and came across the idea of making my own poptarts from emma at from scratch.  i love poptarts and it pains me that in the uk we only get the horrible chocolate and strawberry ones.  i love the brown sugar cinnamon ones and the cinnamon roll ones and the s’more ones.  they looked simple enough.  i didn’t follow emma’s recipe totally i just sort of did it as i went along, but for those who asked here is the general idea…

1 sheet of bought puff pastry (jus-rol)
1/2 can of pumpkin
1 tsp of ground cinnamon
brown sugar (not sure how much i used, i just added it to suit my own sweetness)
1 beaten egg

1.  unroll the puff pastry and using a knife or pizza cutter, cut into square or rectangles.  i cut it into 8 so i could make 4 poptarts.

2.  mix together the pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon and a little of the beaten egg.

3.  put a tablespoon or more in the middle of 4 of your pastry rectangles leaving a border round the edge.

4.  brush some beaten egg around the border then place your other pastry rectangles on top of each one that has pumpkin on it.

5. press down at the sides so it is sealed well, then go round the edge with a fork to make a pretty ridged pattern.

6. brush some beaten egg over the top to glaze the pastry and prick a couple of fork holes in the top to let steam out.

7. put in the oven, i just followed what it said on the pastry box for temperatures etc.

8. once cool enough to eat make some icing, not too runny but just enough so you can drizzle it over the top.

9. EAT AND ENJOY!!!!!!

these went down a treat in my house.  next time i’m going to try making brown sugar cinnamon ones and ones with nutella in for the mister.