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my new philosophy

this has been my philosophy for most of my adult life so far, but although i believe it, and have done a few random things, i really haven’t been living this way.  from now on, i am going to live this philosophy as much as i can.  i started college recently doing a childcare course and with every day i attend college, i know more and more that i don’t want to do childcare as a job.  i’ve always had a dream (i’ve mentioned in previous posts) of opening my own little quirky cafe/vintage haven but it’s always been a dream.  recently i’ve witnessed a few people taking charge of their lives and making their dream jobs a reality and it has completely inspired me.  so i won’t be quitting my college course, but in the meantime i am going to research how to make my dream become a reality in the near future.  i am practising cooking and short-listing recipes that might come in useful and learning to bake.  i am researching all things vintage.  it won’t happen for a few years until we know where we are going to settle but hopefully, i’ll get there!

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what’s cookin’?

now that i’m back to being at college and placement all week, i’m relishing my weekends again.  i had a pretty nice day yesterday walking around a farmers market and chilling with my mister at night.  he’s started back at uni again and we keep missing each other with conflicting schedules.  today is the 2 year anniversary of the day we got engaged ♥  i decided to spend the day cooking.  i love to cook and maybe someday would like to own my own cafe or something.  anyway…i’ve decided to use my weekends to cook and each week i hope to try out a new soup, a new main course and some sort of baked good.  here’s what i made this weekend…

a mexican tortilla soup garnished with avocado, lime zest, grated cheddar and toasted sage tortilla chips

coconut bread, best toasted with my plum and cinnamon jam from the farmers market

my mister’s favourite, meatballs and pasta

two years ago, on our engagement night we watched the movie juno and it kinda became ‘our movie’ and would you believe it?  it’s on tv tonight (we own the dvd but we think this is fate or something! hahaha!)  so off i go to spend the night sipping coke, eating popcorn and watching juno with the best man in the whole world – my mister. 

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a little get to know me quiz

i love to answer these quiz things and pretend that i’m famous and being asked these questions in an interview, dorky i know.  i found this quiz online and thought i’d post it for fun and because i’m bored.

1. When do you feel happiest?  i feel most happiest when i’m with the mister or family and friends, when eating really great food, watching a great band play live, travelling and cooking.

2. How do you take care of yourself? I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. I drink a lot of water. I try and sleep 7-8 hours every night. I laugh a whole lot. And I take a multi vitamin everyday.

3. Are you internally or externally motivated?  i’m actually not an overly motivated person, which probably seems really bad but i’m a bit more laid-back and take it as it comes type of gal.

4. What do you do for fun?  watch movies, read, travel, go vintage shopping, go see bands play, cook.

5. What intimidates you?  people my age who have scary important careers and who haven’t seen much of the world, i still think i’m a bit too young to be settled and i’m almost 30!

6. What is something you are proud of?  going travelling by myself and the fact that i’m a compassionate human being.

7. Finish the sentence: I never... take life or myself too seriously.

8. Favorite vacation spot?  anywhere in america, i feel most at home there.

9. Today is a (rate from 1 to 10)  3 – i was off sick today and my back and foot were hurting like crazy, but i did get some college work done and i watched some gilmore girls and got some new recipes i wanna try so it wasn’t a total loss.

10. Finish the sentence: If you knew me really well you’d know... i have an almost ridiculous phobia of sick.  i cannot be near anybody throwing up or i go grey and start shaking. yup, i’m a freak. hahaha!

my mister, the bookworm.

i truly now believe that wonders never cease and nothing is impossible.  when i met my mister i was pretty appalled to find out that he hated to read.  in fact the only things he read were garfield books, where’s wally (waldo) and the sports page at the back of the daily paper.  it made me a bit nervous because reading is such a major part of my life and i really didn’t know if this would become a problem as i’d always imagined myself sitting in bed with my future husband both of us reading.  boring to some, but idyllic to me.  anyhoo, he wasn’t interested in books at all.  i tried harry potter, roald dahl (to get him started) but all to no avail.  then i remembered a certain author called danny wallace.  i owned his ‘join me’ book and the mister and i had seen and now owned the ‘yes man’ movie which was inspired by his book of the same name.  basically danny is a man who comes up with crazy ideas that involve huge amounts of random travelling and crazy adventures.  i thought this would be right up the boy’s street as he likes crazy, random, funny adventures.  we had an upcoming trip to orkney for my cousin’s wedding this summer and as we were staying in a place we didn’t expect to have tv and a long 6 hour drive up there, i thought it would be the perfect time to get the boy reading.  i casually suggested a trip to the library for myself and he came along.  i pointed out danny wallace and told him this was the guy who had inspired the ‘yes man’ movie….yadda yadda yadda….he took the ‘friends like these’ book out and he pretty much read any spare minute he got when we were away.  i was amazed!  he totally loves danny now and i think he’s the kind of guy that he wishes was his best friend so they could do crazy stuff together, kinda like i wish i was bff with drew barrymore!  it’s taken him a while to read a second book, but he finished ‘are you dave gorman?’ last night, which is a book written by danny along with his friend dave gorman.  i am so unbelievably proud that my mister is giving reading a chance.  i know it’s not ‘war and peace’ or anything that is going to win any sort of book awards but he has found an author that he can relate to and he now has 3 more danny wallace books on his letter to santa!  you should definitely check these books out, if they got my mister reading, then they must be good.

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sick day

some of you might know that about 3 months ago, being the klutz that i am, i tripped up the stairs in ikea after my flip flo-p slid off my foot.   since then i’ve had pain in my foot which the doctor says could be plantars fasciitis.  this just means inflammation in the heel area.  anyhoo, i’ve been waiting for a physio appointment forever and the pain has been coming and going so it has been bearable.  this week, however, i started my college placement in a nursery class and i was on my feet pretty much non-stop monday and  tuesday.  by the end of the day because i was holding my foot funny to ease the pain, it was causing my back to hurt.  i’ve been in pretty much constant pain and not sleeping because of it.  i managed to get a cancellation space with the doctor and he’s given me anti-inflammatory/painkillers and told me to stay off my foot until the medication kicks in.  so i’m having a sick day from placement, which normally i would be happy about, but i actually have a huge assignment to complete this week so i actually had stuff to do.  i’m going to sit for an hour or so and do as much of it as i can at home, but then it’s chill out time.

luckily for me i have a sweet mister who bought me some festive themed chocolate.  i know it’s only the start of autumn but christmas themed candy rules.  i have chocolate wishes which has truffle in the middle, lindor bells (lindor is my favourite chocolate) and a popping candy chocolate elf all to be washed down with some jack frost tea sent all the way from baltimore to me by the lovely april.  jack frost tea is my absolute favourite tea, and i’m a tea fanatic, but this one is a mix of rooibos, vanilla, peppermint and spearmint. soooo good.

the library is right next to my doctor’s surgery and i had books to take back so i popped in and got some recipe books to get inspiration from.  i adore recipes.  i love to cook and am just starting to be a bit more adventurous so i’m gonna get my mouth a watering by looking at these this afternoon. i really wanted sophie dahl’s recipe book again but it was on loan so the ones i took out are:

rachel’s food for living by rachel allen
cook with jamie by jamie oliver (one of only 2 jamie books i don’t own)
river cottage everyday by hugh fearnley-whittingstall
mexican food made simple by thomasina miers (absolutely gorgeous)

after all that i think i’m going to get my blanket and lay on the couch with my foot propped up and spend time in stars hollow with lorelai and rory, the best place to go if you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

and if i have time after that i’m gonna watch jamie’s american revolution and maybe this movie (because it’s one of my favourites)…

i hope you all have a lovely day.

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i spy with my little eye…

…woody and diane


…a pumpkin, which means autum is here and it’s nearly hallowe’en

…my favourite perfume

…JGL and zooey in a record store

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what’s in the box today?

i have been a customer of for a couple of years now and i still get excited when the little box comes through my letter box.  for those who don’t know, it’s a website you can sign up to and receive a box of nutritious snacks sent to your home or work address.  you rate all their products on the website so you only get sent things you like.  i think the boxes cost about £3 a time and you can sign up on a regular basis where you can pick a day or two days a week (or more if you like) to receive a box, or like me,  you can use the one-off option, and order boxes as and when you please.  here’s what i got this time:

milkshake mix – dried banana and strawberries with white chocolate buttons
west country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia – the title says it all
beach bum – dried organic mango and banana with coconut shavings
savoury roasted seeds – a pack of roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

that’s just a small selection of what they offer.  they have olives, honey coated nuts, fajita seeds, all types of dried fruit, you name it, they have it.  it’s pretty cool and much healthier than eating a cookie. for more info check out and if you sign up, use the promotion code NHPXVLC3 and your first box will be free.  you have no obligation to take any more boxes after that first one.  as far as i’m aware, graze only operate in the uk.  happy grazing!