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hallowe’en’s coming…witches will be after you!

only two more days until hallowe’en.  i love hallowe’en.  there’s something so spooky and fun about carving pumpkins to make jack o lanterns, apple bobbing, roasting pumpkin seeds, eats tons of halowe’en candy, satsumas and monkey nuts and let’s not forget caramel apples.  you have to have candy supplies for watching scary movies.  it’s fun to dress up and sometimes i wish i was young enough to get away with trick or treating.  this weekend, the mister and i are going away, just for two nights.  i won’t be online while we’re away so i wanted to wish everybody a happy and spooky hallowe’en.

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epic fail :(

so i’ve been a pretty bad vegan this week.  i donno what’s happened.  i’ve stuck to this diet before for like 6 months at a time without cracking.  i can only put it down to my recent massive interest in cooking.  i’ve always been interested in cooking but lately i’ve been more adventurous and i got some new recipe books which all have amazing recipes in them.  i slipped up pretty badly during the week and ended up having fish and chips one night and then a baked potato with cheese yesterday.  i feel really bad, i cracked after less than 2 weeks.  today was kinda the icing on the cake.  i’d bought some vegan mature cheddar style cheese and was determind to give it a shot a nd enjoy it, but i was almost sick eating it.  so gross, and the brand is meant to be one of the best.  i can’t do without cheese or a cheese substitute.  i do love rice milk though (score!!!)  so what i’m proposing to do is have 5 days vegan, 1 day vegetarian (able to eat cheese and eggs) and 1 day when i’m allowed meat. i have lost 6 1/2 lbs though in 2 weeks which i’m quite impressed with so this has given me a boost to keep it up for the 5 days.  i have no willpower whatsoever.  i can’t seem to give up diet coke and i can’t stay vegan.  i’m not gonna beat myself up about it though, i’ve tried and that is more than a lot of people.  i still want to eat mostly vegan.  i won’t be calling myself vegan but saying i eat a mostly plant-based diet.  i’m just a food lover who wants to enjoy what i’m eating.  sorry if i’ve let you down.

ok, let’s take a second to appreciate…

…the absolutely wonderful joseph gordon-levitt. 

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vegan update (week1)

so…it’s been a whole week since i pledged to go vegan for a little over a year.  it’s been a pretty straightforward week and i haven’t found giving up dairy, meat and fish too hard at all.  i’ve even been out for dinner for chinese and had some lovely sweet and sour tofu at cotton house and then a tofu curry at sumo – both delicious.  i havent been particularly good this week, i let myself have this week to just eat what i wanted to get into the swing of not eating meat, fish or dairy.  i also haven’t been working out on my cross trainer like i was planning to.  on top of that, it has been my october vacation week from college so i haven’t had any routine and that is a bad thing for me and i tend to pick at things all day long, eating way too much.  that being said, i have lost just under 6lbs since last sunday night, by doing almost nothing :)  here’s hoping that this coming week, being back at college, i can lose more for next weigh-in.

this new vegan’s saving grace…

these have been my saving grace since i started eating a vegan diet a week ago.

kings again?

right….rant time.  i have been a massive kings of leon fan since 2003. yes 2003. i am not one of the hordes of people that jumped on the KOL bandwagon when the single ‘sex on fire’ and album ‘only by the night’ was released back in 2008. in fact, like most dedicated kings fans from the beggining, i hated that album.  what i had loved previously about the kings was their raw, gravelly, gritty sound and this was lost on ‘only by the night’.  the whole album was mainstream, slick and just average.  i desperately wanted to like it but i just couldn’t.  ‘sex on fire’ and ‘use somebody’ were overplayed, groups of drunken men on stag nights were karaokeing to ‘sex on fire’.  i was devastated.  kings had come along for me in 2003 at a point where i was going through some stuff and i was given a copy of their debut album ‘youth & young manhood’ and i literally fell in love with it.  with all the drivel that was in the charts at the time, garage, r’n’b etc, here was a band that captured the gritty rock sound i was looking for.  soon after, ‘aha shake heartbreak’, their second album was released and i was blown away.  this is still my favourite kings album.  everything about that album was perfect for me.  when i listened to it, i understood what penny lane was all about when she said she wanted to be close to the band, not because they were famous, (in fact at that time kings were still relatively unheard of, at least amongst my friends) but because she loved the music.  my favourite kings song are on that album, ‘milk’, ‘day old blues’ and ‘the bucket’.  their third album, ‘because of the times’ was awesome, it seemed they could only get better.  i saw kings play live a few times and fell in love with them all over again.  then i awaited with anticipation what would come next, to me they had been getting better and better and it was such a let down when i heard ‘sex on fire’.  i bought the album hoping that it was just a one-off mainstream track but i just couldn’t get into it.  now here we are again, album number five, ‘come around sundown’ is coming out tomorrow.  i recently read an interview with caleb followill, the lead singer in Q magazine where he admitted that they made a huge mistake with their last album even though it got to #1.  they disappointed a lot of old-time fans and he calls ‘sex on fire’, the song that catapulted them into mainstream stardom, “a piece of shit” and has called the legions of fans that jumped on the bandwagon because of that song, “not fucking cool”.  he bascially states that they are hoping to return to their former glory – gritty, rocky and not so slick – in the hopes of sloughing off all those unwanted fans.  i quite like their debut single off the album so far though i don’t think it’s on par with anything off their first three albums, however, i have read pretty good reviews, from trusted reviewers, of the latest album and i shall be purchasing it tomorrow.  i’ve read there’s gonna be a little bit of country/doo wop/pixies/creedence clearwater revival-esque sounds which is very promising.  fingers crossed i get my beloved kings back, i have missed them.   

…i heart this photo of caleb

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beautiful people ~ michelle williams

michelle williams is high up on my beautiful people list.  she has been a part of my life since i was a teen watching her play wild-child jen lindley in dawson’s creek.  jen was my favourite character, i’m always drawn to the rebels.  she has since become a pretty incredible movie actress and a mother to matilda, her daughter with the late heath ledger.  what i love most about michelle is that you will never see her selling out with magazine interviews or showing up on any old red carpet to get attention.  she keeps her private life private, or tries to anyway, and i get the impression that she views acting as a job not a lifestyle and she takes most pride in her daughter.  when heath sadly passed away in 2008, michelle acted with nothing but dignity and this is why i think she’s pretty awesome.

i’m very much looking forward to seeing this movie starring michelle and the beautiful ryan gosling.

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