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snow day

this is the way my back yard has looked for the past couple of days.  we never get snow this early in the year, in fact it usually doesn’t snow here until january, and even then it’s just a light dusting that disappears over night.  this is the worst snow we’ve had in 17 years and there is more expected this week.  i’m kinda loving it.  today is my second snow day from college and i got the chrostmas tree put up yesterday and it just feels so christmassy around here.


christmas movies #1

my mister and i love to watch movies. we love to go to the movie theatre and watch movies at home together snuggled under a blanket.  we have quite a massive dvd collection and especially like christmas movies.  we have around 26 christmas dvds, enough for us to watch them like an advent calendar.  this year due to the mister’s shifts at work, we’re starting a little early so we can fit them in.  we put up our christmas tree today because it’s been snowing like crazy here, we have about 10 inches lying on the ground so we all had a snow day, so it’s seems really christmassy and festive.  tonight’s choice is one of our favourites, elf.

top 5 vol.4

top 5 fashion designers
1. coco chanel
2. karl lagerfeld
3. ossie clark
4. alexander mcqueen
5. orla kiely

top 5 beatles songs (can change daily)
1. twist and shout
2. hey you’ve got to hide your love away
3. ob-la-di, ob-la-da
4. norwegian wood
5. across the universe

top 5 books i could read over and over
1. the virgin suicides
2. chocolat
3. harry potter series
4. love story
5. the lovely bones

(christmas edition) i spy with my little eye…

…red christmas starbucks cups

…the prettiest fairy lights

…the cutest christmas cookies

…my first proper crush in one of my favourite christmas movies

…this uh-mazing wreath. i want this for my door.

(images via weheartit)

this past week…

this past week has been kinda crazy.  i’ve had a ton of college work to do, we’ve had family staying for a few days and i’ve been feeling pretty run down.  i think it’s a combo of college stress and insomnia all catching up with me, but today i woke up with a sore throat, swollen glands and a fever.  feeling pretty low and just totally exhausted.  on the plus side i’ve also had good parts of the week.  i dug out my juicer and have been making myself fresh juices every morning to start the day with some vitamins, nutrients and some of my 5 a day.  so far i’ve tried vampire juice (beetroot, apple, carrot and lime) which is so good, sunshine juice (orange, pineapple, pear, carrot) in the photo above and today’s juice which was apple, pear, carrot and ginger.  i am loving having this healthy start to the day.

another thing that made my week happy was receiving this care package from my friend april.  long story short, she live in baltimore in the states and has this amazing coffee and tea shop by her that sells all these great teas and coffees.  anyway, back in september, april mailed me this package and we thought it had gone missing in the mail, but lo and behold, it turned up yesterday, 2 months to the date it was sent! it really made me smile.  i’m a total tea addict and she sent me pumpkin spice tea, jack frost tea and gingerman tea….looking forward to using them in my new starbucks christmas mug…

yesterday was a great day because i finally got to see harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1.  i think it’s pretty obvious from previous posts that i am a huge harry fan and have a slightly inappropriate crush on rupert grint who plays ron weasley.  i’m not gonna spoil anything for those still to see it but it was amazing, everything i expected and more.  we went to the 11:30pm showing and it was mobbed.  people were dressed up as dementors, voldemort and hogwarts students and everybody was cheering when the movie started.  the movie theatre had put up cute signs naming parts of the cinema ‘diagon alley’ and ‘honeydukes’.  it was a great night with my mister.

hallowe’en weekend in pictures (part 2)

hallowe’en weekend in pictures (part 1)

i had a weekend away for hallowe’en in peebles, a little town near the borders of scotland.  my mama’s work own a mansion house there that has been c0nverted into little apartments that they rent out to staff.  it’s a really pretty town and the house is right on the river tweed.  we had an awesome time, there was this eerie fog on hallowe’en morning and we could feed the ducks right from our window.  the autumn colours were beautiful and the grounds were amazing.  there’s a dolls house and some secret passageways ans ruins.  here are some photos of the grounds of the house…