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i’m baaaaaaaack! (the one where she talks about her vegan thing)

howdy folks….long time no see yet again.  i’m afraid i have been lazy and neglected my poor blog for like 2 months now.  oops! well i’m back now and i will do my best to keep blogging.  nothing too exciting has been happening recently and the more exciting stuff happened too long ago to really be of any interest to you, apart from one thing.  i’ve become vegan….again.  i know last time i blogged about it the day it happened and it didn’t last but it’s been 41 days now and i’m still going strong.  i’ve been making a lot of effort to try new things this time around and have been baking vegan cupcakes to make things a bit more interesting.  the story of why i am vegan is a pretty cool one…

so you may recognise this dude in my photo?  it’s steve-o from jackass.  for those who dont know much about him, he had a full-on drug and alcohol addiction and started to go a little crazy from it until johnny knoxville and some other guys from the jackass production team did an intervention on him.  he did the rehab thing and is conquering his addicitions :) the mister and i are huge jackass fans and we love all the guys, especially steve-o and pontius.  when i found out that steve-o was coming to the edinburgh festival to do a stand up show i immediately got tickets.  i follow him on twitter and i knew he had become vegan a couple of years ago so i tweeted him to recommend a good veggie restaurant in edinburgh (david bann’s for anybody interested) and he relpied to me and asked if i wanted to come to a dinner with him there (he often holds dinners in vegan restaurants with fans).  i couldn’t go the night he asked but suggested he do it on the day i would be in edinburgh for his show.  i told him i was interested in the whole vegan thing and that if he didn’t mind, i had some questions i wanted to ask him about it.  as it turned out, he couldnt do a dinner that day but he tweeted me to say he had a dvd for me about veganism that should help me and that gary and i should go backstage after the show and pick it up.  soo we saw the show which was hilarious.  he is just a naturally funny dude.  i can’t listen to that song, “let’s hear it for the boy” without picturing him dancing to it! after that show he invited anybody who wanted to meet him for a photo to get in line and come out back.  we waited a while and met him and he gave me the dvd which is called forks over knives.  at the time it hadnt even been released in the states so i felt very privileged that he would give me a copy of it.  i watched it the next morning and it explained the health benefits of a plant based vegan diet.  mostly when you think of somebody who is vegan you picture a hippie, tree-hugging activist but there are more and more people becoming vegan to reverse heart problems and diabetes.  it was really interesting and i have been vegan since.  i’m not gonna preach about it to meat eaters but i do recommend that you educate yourself about what you are putting into your body and how it may affect you down the line.  i feel great, have lost a few lbs and am enjoying eating a healthy diet.  i really love steve-o for taking the time and being so generous in giving me the dvd.  it has changed my life and i will be forever grateful.  luckily i am getting to see steve-o again in november so hopefully we can do a dinner this time and i can thank him in person. ♥




so today is a pretty cool and memorable day.  the date is 10.10.10.  a date like this deserves a pretty cool memory so after a guy whose blog i follow decided to post a new photo on his blog every day between 10.10.10 and 11.11.11, i started to think about what i could do to mark the occasion.  i’ve probably mentioned before that i’ve been vegan in the past and failed.  this is mostly due to the fact that i never made time to try new recipes and prepare good food, meaning i ended up eating the same stuff over and over and getting bored.  i’ve wanted to go back to being vegan for a little while now and thought i would prepare for it properly.  i struggled with lunch ideas so i found a thread on www.veganforum.com that was purely lunch ideas and sandwich fillings.  i’ve dug out my vegan recipes books and marked some recipes i’m gonna try.  my pledge basically is that i will eat a vegan diet between 10.10.10 and 11.11.11.  i may not succeed, but i’m gonna give it a damn good shot and if on 11.11.11 i decide to stay vegan, then all good, if not, i’ll have completed my mission anyway so i’ll be happy!  i know sometimes i can be all talk and no action but i am determined to do this, mostly for the health benefits.  i started out this morning with a pretty good vegan ‘fry up’ that consisted of vegan bacon and sausage and a couple of hash browns.  i washed it all down with some tropicana oj that has added calcium.  lunch was some home-made roasted butternut soup with chilli, sage and cinnamon in it and a hunk of crusty bread.  so far, so good.  i won’t bore you with this throughout the year, but every now and again i will update on how i’m doing and the pros and cons i’m finding as i go along.  if you want some more info on becoming vegan check out www.viva.org.uk, i found it pretty helpful.

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