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sick day

i’m sick.  i had to come home from work today because i felt all hot and shivery and clammy and sick and just plain crappy.  i’ve never been one of those people who can be ill and go to their bed and sleep and i never lose my appetite unless i have the full on flu so i like soup and movies when i’m sick.  as a kid i had a lot of issues with my sinuses and tonsils and i was off school…a lot.  luckily my dad worked from 5pm until midnight and was around to take care of me.  he always made the best sick day food…grilled cheese sandwiches and heinz tomato soup.

  sometimes he would give me hula hoop crisps to dunk in my soup like croutons.  he would make me milky tea or hot ribena and i’d get all settled on the couch with my snoopy and woodstock blanket and watch movies.  i think ya’ll know i love my movies and between me and my husband we have a pretty ridiculous collection but whenever i’m sick i want to watch the movies that i used to watch when i was sick as a kid.  there’s something comforting about it.  same as i still like a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (sometimes with hula hoops).  so i thought i would do a little top 5 of my favourite sick day movies. 

willy wonka and the chocolate factory (still my favourite for sick days)

edward scissorhands (i watched this so much i went through 2 videos that got chewed up from overuse)

the little mermaid. loved it since i saw it in the cinema. still joint favourite disney movie of all time with peter pan

the neverending story. isn’t this a favourite sick day movie of most 80’s kids?

my girl. i was a HUGE macaulay culkin fan. i still can’t cope when thomas j dies and i want all of shelly’s wardrobe and her camper!

so there you have it. i’m still a big kid at heart and there isn’t a time when you revert back to being a kid quite as much as when you’re sick. hope you don’t catch this bug.


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sick day

some of you might know that about 3 months ago, being the klutz that i am, i tripped up the stairs in ikea after my flip flo-p slid off my foot.   since then i’ve had pain in my foot which the doctor says could be plantars fasciitis.  this just means inflammation in the heel area.  anyhoo, i’ve been waiting for a physio appointment forever and the pain has been coming and going so it has been bearable.  this week, however, i started my college placement in a nursery class and i was on my feet pretty much non-stop monday and  tuesday.  by the end of the day because i was holding my foot funny to ease the pain, it was causing my back to hurt.  i’ve been in pretty much constant pain and not sleeping because of it.  i managed to get a cancellation space with the doctor and he’s given me anti-inflammatory/painkillers and told me to stay off my foot until the medication kicks in.  so i’m having a sick day from placement, which normally i would be happy about, but i actually have a huge assignment to complete this week so i actually had stuff to do.  i’m going to sit for an hour or so and do as much of it as i can at home, but then it’s chill out time.

luckily for me i have a sweet mister who bought me some festive themed chocolate.  i know it’s only the start of autumn but christmas themed candy rules.  i have chocolate wishes which has truffle in the middle, lindor bells (lindor is my favourite chocolate) and a popping candy chocolate elf all to be washed down with some jack frost tea sent all the way from baltimore to me by the lovely april.  jack frost tea is my absolute favourite tea, and i’m a tea fanatic, but this one is a mix of rooibos, vanilla, peppermint and spearmint. soooo good.

the library is right next to my doctor’s surgery and i had books to take back so i popped in and got some recipe books to get inspiration from.  i adore recipes.  i love to cook and am just starting to be a bit more adventurous so i’m gonna get my mouth a watering by looking at these this afternoon. i really wanted sophie dahl’s recipe book again but it was on loan so the ones i took out are:

rachel’s food for living by rachel allen
cook with jamie by jamie oliver (one of only 2 jamie books i don’t own)
river cottage everyday by hugh fearnley-whittingstall
mexican food made simple by thomasina miers (absolutely gorgeous)

after all that i think i’m going to get my blanket and lay on the couch with my foot propped up and spend time in stars hollow with lorelai and rory, the best place to go if you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

and if i have time after that i’m gonna watch jamie’s american revolution and maybe this movie (because it’s one of my favourites)…

i hope you all have a lovely day.

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