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countdown to america…(and a list)

in 5 weeks tiiiiiime (sung to the tune of 5 years time by noah and the whale) i will be visitng this dude

big abe! yes, i am returning to my second home of vienna, va in america. you probably haven’t heard of vienna, right? well it’s a town about 15 minutes outside of washington dc and i lived there for a while back in 2004.  i’ve been back twice since but haven’t been since 2006 i think.  anyway, i’m super excited because i get to visit all my old haunts and show the mister my american hometown.  i haven’t done a list post for a while so here are some things i’m looking forward to doing when i’m there….

1.  meet my friend, april’s, new baby boy, max.
2. going to jammin’ java to see some live music
3. spending thanksgiving day with my buddy, mike
4. enjoying some georgetown cupcakes
5. driving to pennsylvania to see the amish people and the hometown of the margeras.
6. driving to florida (hopefully) to go to the wizarding world of harry potter.
7. getting a burrito from chipotle.
8. strolling through georgetown, dc
9. recreating the forrest gump moment at the reflection pool
10. visiting some smithsonian museums
11. getting a pumpkin spiced chai tea latte from starbucks
12. sephora!
13. shopping in urban outfitters and it’s not expensive.
14. hanging out at tyson’s corner mall.
15. breakfast burrito at silver diner.
16. fish tacos at clare and don’s surf shack.
17. having like a million more flavours of ben & jerry’s to choose from.
18. pink lemonade with tons of ice from the fountain.
19. taco bell.
20. hanging out at fell’s point and inner harbor in baltimore.
21. black friday sales.
22. finding great vintage stores.
23. maybe roadtripping to the town where dawson’s creek was filmed.

yeah…so that’s why i’m excited!!!!


100 things that make me smile…

i thought my first few blogs should give you an idea of who i am as a person…so here are 100 things (in no particular order) that make me smile…

001 talking to the man in the moon
002 elvis
003 roadtrips with no pre-determined destination
004 being anywhere near a beach
005 kisses
006 giving people nicknames
007 stargazing
008 opening presents
009 laughing til my belly hurts
010 eating chinese food with chopsticks
011 lazy summer days
012 flying lanterns
013 fireflies
014 doing christmassy things in the lead up to christmas
015 being barefoot
016 freckles on sun-kissed skin
017 being with my bearded mister
018 having a delicious dinner with friends
019 being vegetarian
020 singing at the top of my voice
021 my collection of sunglasses and finding a quirky new pair to add to it
022 america
023 gypsy caravans
024 walking randomly with my ipod
025 getting lost in a great book
026 vw camper vans
027 candlelight
028 watching great surfers do their magic on the waves
029 dreamcatchers
030 smoothies for breakfast
031 chasing rainbows and still thinking there will be a pot of gold at the end
032 spending time with my friends
033 wearing cozy hoodies on cold days
034 memories of my vegas wedding
035 browsing in a book store for hours
036 snowmen
037 smiles
038 bear hugs
039 globes
040 bbqs in the summer
041 70s rock music
042 taking photos
043 clean linen
044 getting caught in the rain
045 huge bowls of soup and crusty bread on a cold day
046 finding out the stories behind people’s tattoos
047 writing haiku
048 finding a perfect gift for someone and giving them it…just because
049 seeing bands play in little venues
050 carousels
051 farmers markets
052 finding vintage treasures in thrift stores and flea markets
053 flying a kite
054 wearing flowers and butterfly clasps in my hair
055 lazing in the sun
056 fairy lights
057 banana pancakes for breakfast
058 getting letters in the mail
059 braided hair
060 street vendor food…especially pretzels
061 hearing my favourite song on the radio
062 having someone tell me I’m beautiful
063 sweet dreams
064 swinging on swings
065 watching the sunrise
066 mix tapes…or cds…or playlists and making them for people
067 finding a new band I love
068 lying in a hammock somewhere beautiful
069 waking up before my alarm and realising I don’t need to get up yet
070 making a baby smile and laugh
071 nachos…or salty/sweet mix popcorn and diet coke at the movies
072 fortune cookies
073 travelling and having my whole life in my backpack
075 fireworks and sparklers
076 Derby games at fairgrounds where you roll balls and your horse moves
077 moonlight movies in the park
078 having my back tickled
079 planning a trip to somewhere I’ve never been
080 stretching in the morning
081 being in love
082 watching movies/reading books/listening to songs that I loved as a kid
083 rollerskating
084 mismatched furniture
085 making wishes
086 soy chai tea lattes on winter days
087 airstreams ~ I want to live in one
088 blessing strangers when they sneeze
089 “somewhere over the rainbow” ~ israel kamakawiwo’ole
090 date night
091 janis joplin’s voice
092 wearing a slouchy beanie hat
093 american sit-coms
094 scruffy, bearded men
095 walking aimlessly round a new city getting the vibe
096 random acts of kindness
097 when people tell me I’m kooky, weird, unconventional, a rebel
098 daydreaming
099 japanese cherry blossom
100 secretly believing that unicorns exist

thought i would leave you with the song that makes me smile (and cry) the most.


pieces of me

*i’m loud but can be equally chilled*i’m outgoing but i’m shy*i care what others think of me*i’ve got wanderlust that i just can’t shake off*i’m messy and disorganised but i love to put my life into lists*i believe in love at first sight*i trust too easily and usually get hurt*iwould have been a hippie*i believe in second chances*i’m always on time*i’m a sucker for a happy ending*i’m a complete mix of tomboy and girly*i talk too fast when i get excited*i like to escape to the land of books and movies*i’m a bit of a drama queen*i comfort my soul in music*sometimes i’m a dork*i’m confused*i’m complicated*i believe in soulmates*i’m not always sure of myself*i have a million things going on in my head at once*i hate the way money makes people greedy*i appreciate details*i’ve been called eccentric*i hate being lied to*i am a fountain of useless information*i love to laugh till my belly hurts*i’m completely unconventional*i’m inquisitive*i’m totally gullible*i’m dizzy and clumsy*i’m a little chaotic yet pretty laid-back*i’m a total dreamer*i start lots of things but give up too easily*too often i lose myself in my thoughts*i’m a scaredy cat*i love my family and friends and would do anything to make them happy*i want to see every little bit of the world*i don’t take life or myself too seriously*i can’t do the 9-5 thing*i write haiku to remember moments*i have a big dirty laugh*i’m happiest by the sea*i need at least 2 hugs a day*i like to be taken care of*i’ve said goodnight to the moon every night since i can remember*i’m vegetarian*i’m a rebel sometimes without a cause*i just want to be happy*