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top 5…french edition

i love everything french. to celebrate bastille day, here is a top 5 of my favourite french things…

top 5 french women (ok, 9 because i love them all)
coco chanel
2. juliette binoche
3. brigitte bardot
4. audrey tautou
5. vanessa paradis
6. clémence poésy
7. charlotte gainsbourg
8. lou doillon
9. marion cotillard

top 5 french bands/singers
2. air
3. daft punk
4. vanessa paradis
5. carla bruni

top 5 french food (alright 7, couldn’t narrow it down!)
2. madeleines
3. crêpes
4. le roule fromage
5. pâte
6. tarte au citron
7. potatoes dauphinoise

top 5 french films (yep failing at sticking to 5’s)
2. micmacs
3. coco before chanel
4. breathless
5. la vie en rose
6. heartbreaker (cheesy but good!)

these are just a few of the french things that i love.   j’espére que vous avez une merveilleuse journée! (hope that translates correctly)



le petit déjeuner

i had a really delicious french style breakfast, or should i say, le petit déjeuner, this morning.  fresh, warm croissant, bonne maman strawberry conserve, fresh orange juice and a very british mug of tea, albeit in a starbucks mug from paris!  the only thing that would have made it better? if it was being served to me in paris ♥

beautiful people ~ brigitte bardot

some women admire audrey hepburn, some marilyn monroe, but for me it has always been brigitte bardot.  the teased hair, the smoky eyes, the pout, the quirky gappy teeth, the figure,  the french accent, the style….beautiful.  these are some of my favourite photos of her…

 this last photo with the fawn is my favourite.

(images via weheartit)

Beautiful People ~ Vanessa Paradis

I am pretty crazy about Paris and French style and I have this lady to thank for it.  I was 7 when Vanessa Paradis released her first single Joe Le Taxi in the UK.  I didn’t understand any words of the french sung song apart from the title words but I loved it.  I used to watch Top Of  The Pops and I recorded the video for this song and watched it over and over.  I wanted to be French so bad. I still like it a lot and I still want to be French a LOT.  I have these daydreams about riding a vintage bicycle through Paris with a breton stripe top on and sitting outside a cafe with a smoking a cigarette (it’s Paris, smoking is cool there!!) and eating a croissant!   I think Vanessa Paradis is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I think Johnny Depp is a very lucky man to have her by his side.  She is now not only a singer but also an actress (I’m excited to see her movie Heartbreaker next week) and model who is adored by none other than Karl Lagerfeld.  She has been used in a few Chanel campaigns, most memorably dressed in black and sitting on a swing inside a birdcage for Coco perfume.  On top of this, she is also a mama to Lily-Rose and Jack, her children with Johnny.  I was obsessed with Johnny Depp throughout my teens and I definitely think if I can’t be Mrs Depp, then I’m glad he has someone as cool as Vanessa.

(images via google and weheartit)