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top 5…french edition

i love everything french. to celebrate bastille day, here is a top 5 of my favourite french things…

top 5 french women (ok, 9 because i love them all)
coco chanel
2. juliette binoche
3. brigitte bardot
4. audrey tautou
5. vanessa paradis
6. clémence poésy
7. charlotte gainsbourg
8. lou doillon
9. marion cotillard

top 5 french bands/singers
2. air
3. daft punk
4. vanessa paradis
5. carla bruni

top 5 french food (alright 7, couldn’t narrow it down!)
2. madeleines
3. crêpes
4. le roule fromage
5. pâte
6. tarte au citron
7. potatoes dauphinoise

top 5 french films (yep failing at sticking to 5’s)
2. micmacs
3. coco before chanel
4. breathless
5. la vie en rose
6. heartbreaker (cheesy but good!)

these are just a few of the french things that i love.   j’espére que vous avez une merveilleuse journée! (hope that translates correctly)



float my boat

i am craving a root beer float so bad. too bad we don’t have a&w in the uk :(

(image via google)

my day in pictures…

today was a nice day, pouring with rain but it was nice.  here’s what i did…

i went into edinburgh with the mama and we had lunch in nandos. we shared some warm pitta with a red pepper dip and then  i had this yummy halloumi and portobello mushroom wrap with a side of sweet potato mash.

we went to the cameo movie theater to see ‘heartbreaker’.  it’s a french movie with vanessa paradis in it and it’s pretty cute and funny.  she wears chanel pretty much through the entire movie which i was coveting.

tonight i took my friend, karen, out for dinner to a little japanese place called sumo.  i had missed her hen night because i was having awful sinus headaches so i wanted to make it up to her.  i had tempura battered tofu with a teriyaki dipping sauce and then this huge bowl of mixed vegetable ramen.  it was so big that i could only manage half!

it’s been a busy day so i’m going to sit down with a big mug of rooibos tea in my new mug that the boy bought me to add to my rock band mug collection, eat my chocolate fix for the day and…

start reading one of these two books…i can’t decide which.

Churro Lovin’

I haven’t blogged for a while.  I haven’t really had too much to say.  I had a pretty nice weekend.  I spent some time in the sunshine with the boy yesterday which was lovely.  Last night there was some serious football on tv.  Don’t ask me who was playing but I was in danger of becoming a football widow.  Luckily the boy made plans with Ryan to watch the game at his place and I was gonna hang out with his little lady, Niki.  We ended up with another couple of football widows, Lorraine and another Nikki, drinking champagne and strawberries in the evening sun.  It was so lovely to sit out in the garden with the girls, some candles and funny conversation until the sun went down.

Today….another day of sunshine!  Scotland is definitely much more bearable when the sun is shining, but I find myself today, dreaming of being in Madrid eating some of these….

lovely warm churros with melted chocolate or caramel…..so yummo!

(image from weheartit)