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countdown to america…(and a list)

in 5 weeks tiiiiiime (sung to the tune of 5 years time by noah and the whale) i will be visitng this dude

big abe! yes, i am returning to my second home of vienna, va in america. you probably haven’t heard of vienna, right? well it’s a town about 15 minutes outside of washington dc and i lived there for a while back in 2004.  i’ve been back twice since but haven’t been since 2006 i think.  anyway, i’m super excited because i get to visit all my old haunts and show the mister my american hometown.  i haven’t done a list post for a while so here are some things i’m looking forward to doing when i’m there….

1.  meet my friend, april’s, new baby boy, max.
2. going to jammin’ java to see some live music
3. spending thanksgiving day with my buddy, mike
4. enjoying some georgetown cupcakes
5. driving to pennsylvania to see the amish people and the hometown of the margeras.
6. driving to florida (hopefully) to go to the wizarding world of harry potter.
7. getting a burrito from chipotle.
8. strolling through georgetown, dc
9. recreating the forrest gump moment at the reflection pool
10. visiting some smithsonian museums
11. getting a pumpkin spiced chai tea latte from starbucks
12. sephora!
13. shopping in urban outfitters and it’s not expensive.
14. hanging out at tyson’s corner mall.
15. breakfast burrito at silver diner.
16. fish tacos at clare and don’s surf shack.
17. having like a million more flavours of ben & jerry’s to choose from.
18. pink lemonade with tons of ice from the fountain.
19. taco bell.
20. hanging out at fell’s point and inner harbor in baltimore.
21. black friday sales.
22. finding great vintage stores.
23. maybe roadtripping to the town where dawson’s creek was filmed.

yeah…so that’s why i’m excited!!!!


music i heart ~ beach house

beach house are a band from baltimore, maryland (a city that is close to my heart) that consists of french-born victoria legrand and baltimore native alex scally. they formed in 2004 and released their third album, ‘teen dream’ early this year. their style of music has been called ‘dream pop’ due to their slow, atmospheric rhythms and haunting lyrics. sorry i couldn’t get an actual video for this post, but currently this is my favourite of their songs, ‘zebra’.