remember me?

yet again, i must extend my apologies for being a crappy blogger.  i really dont have many excuses for my lack of contribution so i’m sorry ya’ll!  i have done a few exciting things over the last couple weeks but they were so long agoo now that i thought i would do one post to cover it all!

first up i finished college…i am now qualified to look after children! yippee! although i’m 99% sure that this is not the career i want!  straight after college was done we headed over to dublin to visit some good friends of ours.  the mister and i met in melbourne, australia and we were staying in a hostel there called oasis.  during our stay we met a great bunch of friends – michelle, sig, gab, matt, haude and michael.  currently michelle, gab, sig and matt all live in dublin so it was great to see them again after 3 years!!!  we had a great time and it was like no time had passed at all.  i wish we could hang out more often.  as these guys have jobs, the mister and i spent our time just walking around dublin (it was sunny!), eating good food and just generally taking in the city. 

…this is all of us

coming home from dublin was a bit of a downer as we knew it meant job hunting and no more holidays until the end of august.  we have found a few things to keep us entertained of the summer and the first was going to the edinburgh film festival to see a couple of premieres.  the first was a new ewan mcgregor movie called ‘perfect sense’.  the movie is essentially a love story set in scotland in a time where a mass virus is affecting everybody and the result of the virus is that people start to lose all their senses.  it’s kinda weird, funny in parts and a great idea for a story.  it’s worth a watch!  anyway, we got really close to ewan mcgregor and ewen bremner (spud from trainspotting also in the movie), about half a foot away so it was really nice to see them.  i do have photos but they are on the mister’s camera so maybe i’ll get around to them soon.

the following week we headed back to the edinburgh film festival to see ‘talihina sky’ which is a documentary about the kings of leon.  it’s a really great film and it was nice to see the humble beginnings that these guys had.  we attended what was the international premiere of the documentary as the band were there to do a q&a session after the movie that was to be shown in 127 movie theatres around the world.  pretty cool.  again, we were about a foot away from the guys and we had a good time.  the only problem was that 2 days before my husband had broken his ankle playing football so we had to get him a wheelchair in the theatre and a wheelchair spot so we couldn’t sit together.  it was still good though!

 …the kings of leon

that was 2 weeks ago.  i have spent that time pretty much running after my husband who is on crutches.  this week we are attending a harry potter movie marathon.  we are seeing all the movies over a week and then the final movie next friday on its release.  i’ll probably do a seperate post about that though.

hope ya’ll have a great weekend





beautiful people ~ ryan dunn

ryan dunn.  not somebody you would expect to make a beautiful people blog post.  since i first saw him on jackass all those years ago, he has been my favourite.  i have a type of guy that i like.  bearded, scruffy, tattooed, a little wild, he ticked all of those boxes.  i loved his aviator sunglasses.  best of all he, along with the rest of the jackass boys, made me laugh like crazy.  sure, he may have been crazy, rude, foul-mouthed, risky with his life but he was still a beautiful person to me.  i was so happy when i was at a music festival in baltimore, md and ryan, bam, steve-o and uncle don vito from jackass were there and  i was shocked and saddened to hear that he passed away early this morning in a car accident, aged 34.  jackass will never be the same.  rip ryan ♥ 


these boots are made for walking

sadly, my friend’s younger sister, aislinn, passed away earlier this year after battling cystic fibrosis for most of her life.  she was 23 years old.  i had heard of cf in the past and was aware that sufferers have a build up of mucus and require “thumps” to help clear that mucus.  that was the extent of my knowledge.  i have since found out that cf is one of the uk’s most common inherited diseases, each week 5 babies are born with cf, each week 2 lives are lost due to cf and only half of cf sufferers are like to live past their 30’s!  pretty shocking figures.  aislinn lived in ireland where the statistcis are even worse.  her family and friends are raising money for CF ireland so that a cure may be found for this disease.  i wanted to help.  i looked online and found there was a 12 mile sponsored walk happening yesterday in edinburgh so i signed up.   i got sponsor money and i set off.  holy shizzle, it was hard-going.  i am notorious for quitting on things the minute they get too hard and let me tell you, there were a few times when my hips hurt and my toes were aching and i felt lightheaded and i just wanted to phone my dad and get him to come pick me up.  just at those moments i would think of who i was doing it for – aislinn and all the other cf sufferers out there.  some of them won’t even get to live to the age i am now and what they go through with their treatment in their lifetimes is much worse than a 12 mile walk.  so i stuck with it and i got through it and i’m happy i have been able to help in some small way.  i am in a lot of pain today – my hips hurt like crazy and i pretty much reek of tiger balm, but i am determined to do whatever i can to help this cause.  here are some photos of my day  (there are no photos of me immediately after the walk, i pretty much collapsed on the grass!)

…another cf supporter who lost her sister, aged 22, in february this year

…..sugary snacks for energy

…my first ever medal

…looks pretty gross but let me tell you that ‘well hung and tender’ cheeseburger was close to a michelin star meal at that point!

…miracle worker


if you would like to know more about cf and the work they do, you can click here

thanks to all those who sponsored me, it is much appreciated. xo

one more week!!!!!

ladies and fellas, i have made it to my last week of college.  all my work is done, i just have to hand a couple things in next week and get some feedback and then i’m done-zo!  it feels so good to pretty much have my life back.  i have big plans for my new-found freedom.  first up….organisation!!!  the mister and i have been a bit lax with our orgainsation and we have let laundry pile up, there is stuff everywhere and well, the place looks like a bomb went off!  i plan to have a huge clean out in the next couple of weeks and we are gonna be ruthless.  then hopefully we can do a boot sale and make some money for our unwanted stuff.  we are both terrible hoarders but i think the time has come to offload some of it.  who knows, we may emigrate some day and we for sure can’t take even half of our stuff with us.  it’s pretty sad, but you know i love to write lists and i am so excited to get a list made of all the stuff that needs doing over the next month or so.  such a great feeling to cross things off when they’re done!  for now, sad as it sounds…..i have bought some page markers to go through my recipe books and mark off the recipes that i want to try, i’ve bought a blue box file to put all our importnat documents as they are currently everywhere and i’ve hijacked my mama’s label maker so i can start labelling everything that’s in sight!!!

we have some pretty cool stuff coming up over the next couple weeks.  a couple of days after i finish college we fly over to dublin to see some friends that we met in melbourne, australia.  we haven’t seen them in 3 years and we had such awesome times together, it’s gonna be so great to hang out for a little while.  then when we come home we have tickets to a film premiere of ewan mcgregor’s new movie ‘perfect sense’ and guess what???? ewan is going to be there!!!! quite stoked about that! then it will be back to normality and job hunting! i have a bit of a full weekend this weekend so expect a blog or two. have a lovely weekend. xo


fricken’ good chicken parmigiana

my husband is a picky eater.  i love mexican and indian spicy food but he won’t eat spice.  i love japanese food, he doesn’t.  most of the time we eat italian because he likes lasagne and spaghetti bolognese and meatballs.   i am desperate to get him eating more adventurously and healthily because i love nothing more than to make a home-cooked meal.  i decided to start him off with chicken parmigiana.  i know he likes it in restaurants but i’d never made if before.  i used the recipe from bill granger’s “bill’s basics” books.

heat 1tbsp of olive oil in a sauce pan, cook for a few seconds, add  400g can chopped tomatoes, 1tsp sugar, 1tsp salt and simmer for 15 mins.  remove from heat and add a handful of fresh basil leaves torn up. 

heat 1 tbsp olive oil on a high heat and cook 4 chicken breasts for 2 mins on each side, transfer to baking dish.  pour sauce over chicken and top with 100g torn up mozzarella and 50g fresh grated parmesan.  cook in oven at 180 for 20-25 minutes. 

serve with pasta, green salad, garlic bread, crusty bread – whatever you want!
(this photo doesn’t do it justice)

well it turned out really well, the only thing i would amend next time is that I would add 2 cans of chopped tomatoes to make more sauce.  my husband likes a lot of sauce and it wasn’t quite enough.  we are having the rest of it today as leftovers.  he LOVED it.  it will definitely go into rotation for our weekly meals.

bon appétit! 

campervan and bug lovin’

my mister and i are both vw fans.  since i was really little, i have had a thing for beetles and campervans, probably stemming from my love of the 60s and 70s and the idea of living as a free spirit.  i can think of nothing more exciting than a spontaneous weekend spent packing up the camper and taking off on a roadtrip witt no pre-determined destination.  bliss.  my husband has promised me both a beetle and a camper once we figure out where we’ll be living so for now i have to make do with looking a pictures.  le sigh!  yesterday we went to a festival in biggar, scotland called volksfling.  it’s a weekend long festival for vw enthusiasts so we went to check it out.  i had grand ideas in my head that it was going to be all about restored campers and modified beetles but it turned out to be mostly a campsite with some people selling parts and trying to sell their vw’s.  pretty boring plus it was drizzly rain and kinda cold so we didn’t stay too long but here are some photos of the day….

i shall leave you with those pretty images while i go and daydream about roadtripping america in a camper….

top 5 vol. 5

i haven’t been blogging regularly for a while, really because college has been zapping all my energy.  i have barely had any motivation to do anything, even things i really love to do like read, bake and cook.  anyway, have no fear blog buddies, i have officially 3 weeks left of college and in those 3 weeks, i’m only actually at college for 6 days and placement for 6 days and then i’m done. for good. woop woop! i shall have my life back.  very much looking forward to it.  so in the meantime, while my zapped braincells recover enough to blog about interesting things, here’s a top 5:

top 5 childhood books
1.  charlotte’s web by e.b. white
2.  any judy blume book
3.  any paula danziger book
4.  paddy’s pot of gold by dick king-smith
5.  the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle

top 5 american states i’ve visited so far
1.  virginia (home ♥)
2.  maryland
3.  tennessee
4.  nevada
5.  new hampshire

top 5 albums i’ve been listening to in the last couple weeks
1.  brothers by the black keys
2.  flaws by bombay bicycle club
3.  21 by adele
4.  rumours by fleetwood mac (best ever!!!!)
5.  bright lights by ellie goulding