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top 5 vol. 5

i haven’t been blogging regularly for a while, really because college has been zapping all my energy.  i have barely had any motivation to do anything, even things i really love to do like read, bake and cook.  anyway, have no fear blog buddies, i have officially 3 weeks left of college and in those 3 weeks, i’m only actually at college for 6 days and placement for 6 days and then i’m done. for good. woop woop! i shall have my life back.  very much looking forward to it.  so in the meantime, while my zapped braincells recover enough to blog about interesting things, here’s a top 5:

top 5 childhood books
1.  charlotte’s web by e.b. white
2.  any judy blume book
3.  any paula danziger book
4.  paddy’s pot of gold by dick king-smith
5.  the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle

top 5 american states i’ve visited so far
1.  virginia (home ♥)
2.  maryland
3.  tennessee
4.  nevada
5.  new hampshire

top 5 albums i’ve been listening to in the last couple weeks
1.  brothers by the black keys
2.  flaws by bombay bicycle club
3.  21 by adele
4.  rumours by fleetwood mac (best ever!!!!)
5.  bright lights by ellie goulding


i want one

my husband and i both really want a dog.  or maybe two dogs.  my choice?  definitely a boston terrier.  they come under “you either love them or hate them” category!  i happen to love them.  don’t you think they’re cute?

(images via weheartit)

 go on, admit it, you’re heart has melted a little looking at those cute photos, right? ♥

i heart japan

when i was 11 my class did a project at school on japan and all things japanese.  we had a japanese lady called noriko come in and do activities with us like tea ceremonies, making sushi rice balls, origami, trying on kimonos and writing our name in japanese.  i loved every single second we spent on topic work that term and ever since then i have been a bit of a japanophile.  these recent earthquakes/tsunami in japan have been heartbreaking to watch.  i haven’t had the chance to visit japan yet (pout) but one day, i’ll get there and i’ll absorb my self in japanese culture ♥

here are some of the things i love about japan in pictures…

….japanese food.  whether it be sushi, bento, teriyaki, katsu, miso.  i love the way they look at some of their food like an art form.

…green tea.  ok, starbucks isn’t japanese but i love everything green tea and that includes macarons, froyo, cake, pots of green tea and of course a lovely iced green tea latte from starbucks when i’m in america!

…origami.  i used to spend hours making origami, especially peace cranes like these in all different colours and patterns. i need to dig out my origami papers again.

…beautiful temples and cherryblossom (or sakura as it’s called in japanese)

…the whole history and story of geisha is so intriguing to me.  i have read many books about it.

…kimonos.  i think kimonos are beautiful and i love kimono style dresses.  i would love to own an issa kimono dress one day ♥

…harajuku girl style.  it’s not the kind of style i would ever go for myself but i love that these girls dress like they’re in fairytales and make everday dressing look boring.

photo source: we heart it

vintage treasure

i haven’t really had any time recently to go thrifting and hunting for vintage treasure but this past week i was in st. andrews with my pops and my aunt and i came across this cute little vintage bag for 3 bucks!!! bargain! i love it.

pop tarts

i decided to make some pumpkin cupcakes the other day as i’m managed to source a can of pumpkin in harvey nichols food market.  they were pretty much a disaster.  i couldn’t find my cupcake baking tin so i just had to put the cases on a flat tray and they didn’t hold the batter up which meant they were just wrong.  anyhoo, i had a half can of pumpkin left that i didn’t want to waste so i was browsing online and came across the idea of making my own poptarts from emma at from scratch.  i love poptarts and it pains me that in the uk we only get the horrible chocolate and strawberry ones.  i love the brown sugar cinnamon ones and the cinnamon roll ones and the s’more ones.  they looked simple enough.  i didn’t follow emma’s recipe totally i just sort of did it as i went along, but for those who asked here is the general idea…

1 sheet of bought puff pastry (jus-rol)
1/2 can of pumpkin
1 tsp of ground cinnamon
brown sugar (not sure how much i used, i just added it to suit my own sweetness)
1 beaten egg

1.  unroll the puff pastry and using a knife or pizza cutter, cut into square or rectangles.  i cut it into 8 so i could make 4 poptarts.

2.  mix together the pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon and a little of the beaten egg.

3.  put a tablespoon or more in the middle of 4 of your pastry rectangles leaving a border round the edge.

4.  brush some beaten egg around the border then place your other pastry rectangles on top of each one that has pumpkin on it.

5. press down at the sides so it is sealed well, then go round the edge with a fork to make a pretty ridged pattern.

6. brush some beaten egg over the top to glaze the pastry and prick a couple of fork holes in the top to let steam out.

7. put in the oven, i just followed what it said on the pastry box for temperatures etc.

8. once cool enough to eat make some icing, not too runny but just enough so you can drizzle it over the top.

9. EAT AND ENJOY!!!!!!

these went down a treat in my house.  next time i’m going to try making brown sugar cinnamon ones and ones with nutella in for the mister.



i’ve blogged about before.  basically you sign up, rate their products picking which ones you dislike, want to try, like or love and you get boxes filled with delicious healthy snacks sent to you on whichever day you choose, however often you choose.  it’s pretty awesome and i always get excited when i see that little box come through the door in the mail.  today was a great box…

top row l-r: honeycomb flapjack and bento mix (wasabi peas and satay broadbeans)

bottom row l-r: beach bum (organic dried mango, coconut and banana) and fennel seed and honey peanuts.

looking forward to eating it all.  if you want to give it a try go to and sign up.  if you do, enter the code ‘NHPXVLC3’  and that will give you a free box.  You can cancel anytime you like (i stop and start all the time depending on what money i have) so you can canel after your free trial box.  i totally recommend it.

a valentine’s day in photos

red velvet cupcakes for breakfast

hot chocolate shot (dark chocolate with chilli and cinnamon)


californian club sandwich for lunch with a side of twisted mac n cheese

my valentine enjoying his cheeseburger

valentine’s cards and gifts…notice how our cards are sweet treat related? seems to be a theme! still waiting for a gift for me that’s coming from america.  the mister got me kramer vs. kramer and going the distance on dvd and some pretty oversized sunglasses i’ve had my eye on and i got him the a-team blu-ray and the very best of elo.

brought some cupcakes and macarons home to share with my mama and pops tonight.  l-r cupcakes: apple & cinnamon, vanilla and after eight.
l-r macarons: vanilla, berry and coffee/caramel.

i had a great day with this mister, too bad he has to work tonight

this little lady wishes you all a very happy valentine’s day and hopes you are with the ones you love.