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top 5…french edition

i love everything french. to celebrate bastille day, here is a top 5 of my favourite french things…

top 5 french women (ok, 9 because i love them all)
coco chanel
2. juliette binoche
3. brigitte bardot
4. audrey tautou
5. vanessa paradis
6. clémence poésy
7. charlotte gainsbourg
8. lou doillon
9. marion cotillard

top 5 french bands/singers
2. air
3. daft punk
4. vanessa paradis
5. carla bruni

top 5 french food (alright 7, couldn’t narrow it down!)
2. madeleines
3. crêpes
4. le roule fromage
5. pâte
6. tarte au citron
7. potatoes dauphinoise

top 5 french films (yep failing at sticking to 5’s)
2. micmacs
3. coco before chanel
4. breathless
5. la vie en rose
6. heartbreaker (cheesy but good!)

these are just a few of the french things that i love.   j’espére que vous avez une merveilleuse journée! (hope that translates correctly)



top 5 vol. 5

i haven’t been blogging regularly for a while, really because college has been zapping all my energy.  i have barely had any motivation to do anything, even things i really love to do like read, bake and cook.  anyway, have no fear blog buddies, i have officially 3 weeks left of college and in those 3 weeks, i’m only actually at college for 6 days and placement for 6 days and then i’m done. for good. woop woop! i shall have my life back.  very much looking forward to it.  so in the meantime, while my zapped braincells recover enough to blog about interesting things, here’s a top 5:

top 5 childhood books
1.  charlotte’s web by e.b. white
2.  any judy blume book
3.  any paula danziger book
4.  paddy’s pot of gold by dick king-smith
5.  the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle

top 5 american states i’ve visited so far
1.  virginia (home ♥)
2.  maryland
3.  tennessee
4.  nevada
5.  new hampshire

top 5 albums i’ve been listening to in the last couple weeks
1.  brothers by the black keys
2.  flaws by bombay bicycle club
3.  21 by adele
4.  rumours by fleetwood mac (best ever!!!!)
5.  bright lights by ellie goulding

top 5 vol.4

top 5 fashion designers
1. coco chanel
2. karl lagerfeld
3. ossie clark
4. alexander mcqueen
5. orla kiely

top 5 beatles songs (can change daily)
1. twist and shout
2. hey you’ve got to hide your love away
3. ob-la-di, ob-la-da
4. norwegian wood
5. across the universe

top 5 books i could read over and over
1. the virgin suicides
2. chocolat
3. harry potter series
4. love story
5. the lovely bones

top 5 vol. 3

top 5 breakfasts
breakfast burritos
2. pain au chocolat
3. home-made granola with fresh berries and yoghurt
4. pancakes with berries/bananas and maple syrup
5. french toast with ketchup

top 5 things i love about my mister
his freckles
2. his laugh when he finds something really funny
3. the hugs he gives
4. his massive feet (although not his creepy toes)
5. his scruffy beard

top 5 movies i’ve seen so far this year
scott pilgrim vs. the world
2. kick-ass
3. inception
4. the blind side
5. going the distance

top 5 vol.2

top 5 harry potter characters
1. ron weasley
2. luna lovegood
3. hagrid
4. snape
5. dumbledore

top 5 desserts
1. key lime pie
2. profiteroles
3. sticky toffee pudding
4. mint aero cheesecake
5. cinnamon belgian waffle with ice cream and caramel/maple sauce

top 5 bands i’ve seen live
1. fleetwood mac
2. john butler trio
3. phoenix
4. she & him
5. kings of leon

top 5

those of you who are my facebook friends know that i love lists, and in particular i love to put top 5 questions in my status.  i thought it might be fun to do that on here every now and again.  so to start it off, i’ve got three top 5 lists for you…

top 5 countries i’ve visited so far
1. america
2. australia
3. norway
4. thailand
5. canada

top 5 food cuisines
1. tex mex
2. japanese/sushi
3. pizza/italian
4. chinese
5. indian

top 5 non-alcoholic drinks
1. ginger beer
2. pink lemonade
3. diet coke
4. iced tea
5. strawberry daquiri sobe

these were just a quick few i came up with.  i’ll try to post maybe one of these a month.