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i’m baaaaaaaack! (the one where she talks about her vegan thing)

howdy folks….long time no see yet again.  i’m afraid i have been lazy and neglected my poor blog for like 2 months now.  oops! well i’m back now and i will do my best to keep blogging.  nothing too exciting has been happening recently and the more exciting stuff happened too long ago to really be of any interest to you, apart from one thing.  i’ve become vegan….again.  i know last time i blogged about it the day it happened and it didn’t last but it’s been 41 days now and i’m still going strong.  i’ve been making a lot of effort to try new things this time around and have been baking vegan cupcakes to make things a bit more interesting.  the story of why i am vegan is a pretty cool one…

so you may recognise this dude in my photo?  it’s steve-o from jackass.  for those who dont know much about him, he had a full-on drug and alcohol addiction and started to go a little crazy from it until johnny knoxville and some other guys from the jackass production team did an intervention on him.  he did the rehab thing and is conquering his addicitions :) the mister and i are huge jackass fans and we love all the guys, especially steve-o and pontius.  when i found out that steve-o was coming to the edinburgh festival to do a stand up show i immediately got tickets.  i follow him on twitter and i knew he had become vegan a couple of years ago so i tweeted him to recommend a good veggie restaurant in edinburgh (david bann’s for anybody interested) and he relpied to me and asked if i wanted to come to a dinner with him there (he often holds dinners in vegan restaurants with fans).  i couldn’t go the night he asked but suggested he do it on the day i would be in edinburgh for his show.  i told him i was interested in the whole vegan thing and that if he didn’t mind, i had some questions i wanted to ask him about it.  as it turned out, he couldnt do a dinner that day but he tweeted me to say he had a dvd for me about veganism that should help me and that gary and i should go backstage after the show and pick it up.  soo we saw the show which was hilarious.  he is just a naturally funny dude.  i can’t listen to that song, “let’s hear it for the boy” without picturing him dancing to it! after that show he invited anybody who wanted to meet him for a photo to get in line and come out back.  we waited a while and met him and he gave me the dvd which is called forks over knives.  at the time it hadnt even been released in the states so i felt very privileged that he would give me a copy of it.  i watched it the next morning and it explained the health benefits of a plant based vegan diet.  mostly when you think of somebody who is vegan you picture a hippie, tree-hugging activist but there are more and more people becoming vegan to reverse heart problems and diabetes.  it was really interesting and i have been vegan since.  i’m not gonna preach about it to meat eaters but i do recommend that you educate yourself about what you are putting into your body and how it may affect you down the line.  i feel great, have lost a few lbs and am enjoying eating a healthy diet.  i really love steve-o for taking the time and being so generous in giving me the dvd.  it has changed my life and i will be forever grateful.  luckily i am getting to see steve-o again in november so hopefully we can do a dinner this time and i can thank him in person. ♥



fricken’ good chicken parmigiana

my husband is a picky eater.  i love mexican and indian spicy food but he won’t eat spice.  i love japanese food, he doesn’t.  most of the time we eat italian because he likes lasagne and spaghetti bolognese and meatballs.   i am desperate to get him eating more adventurously and healthily because i love nothing more than to make a home-cooked meal.  i decided to start him off with chicken parmigiana.  i know he likes it in restaurants but i’d never made if before.  i used the recipe from bill granger’s “bill’s basics” books.

heat 1tbsp of olive oil in a sauce pan, cook for a few seconds, add  400g can chopped tomatoes, 1tsp sugar, 1tsp salt and simmer for 15 mins.  remove from heat and add a handful of fresh basil leaves torn up. 

heat 1 tbsp olive oil on a high heat and cook 4 chicken breasts for 2 mins on each side, transfer to baking dish.  pour sauce over chicken and top with 100g torn up mozzarella and 50g fresh grated parmesan.  cook in oven at 180 for 20-25 minutes. 

serve with pasta, green salad, garlic bread, crusty bread – whatever you want!
(this photo doesn’t do it justice)

well it turned out really well, the only thing i would amend next time is that I would add 2 cans of chopped tomatoes to make more sauce.  my husband likes a lot of sauce and it wasn’t quite enough.  we are having the rest of it today as leftovers.  he LOVED it.  it will definitely go into rotation for our weekly meals.

bon appétit! 

mama’s birthday

i haven’t blogged in a MONTH!!! that’s crazy. i have been so bombarded with college stuff and have had no inspiration recently. it’s quite depressing actually.  so i’ve decided to get back to blogging.  i only have 9 more weeks of college and some of that is holidays or study days so it’s actually a lot less than that.  i cannot wait for june 10th, my last official day as a student.

yesterday was my mama’s birthday, i thought i would put a photo of her on circa 1975.  love the afro!

i realised that as hard as i tried to keep this from being a foodie type blog, food is a major passion in my life.  reading recipe books, cooking, eating out, i just can’t help but get excited by food.  so here are a few foodie photos from my weekend…

…i’ve been having berries, yoghurt and manuka honey for breakfast a lot recently

…i went to a cupcake gallery at a local church and bought these cute cupcakes for 50p each!!! bargain! the ones with the chicks are especially cute!

…i got this sushi from marks & spencer’s.  it was actually reduced so the whole lot cost £3! it was goooooooood.  my favourite was the beetroot/wasabi one.  it’s a rainbow of colour on a plate.

…i went to the grocery store this morning to get ingredients for making dinner tonight and it’s the release day for harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 in the uk.  this was the first thing that went in my trolley, and it was only £7!!!!! happy girl. 

the weather is horrible today.  it was so sunny and warm over the weekend and today is rainy, gray and we’re forecast for thunder and lightning this afternoon.  the perfect day to snuggle up with my mister under blankets watching harry potter.

my recipe book collection…so far!

i love food.  i love to eat, i love to talk about food, i love to cook, i love to go to restaurants and i love recipe books.  i read them like novels.  here is my collection of recipe books.  i’m pretty sure this is only gonna get bigger as the years go on.  i would love to have a huge book shelf just filled with cookery books ♥

some are vegetarian, some are vegan, some are for baking sweet treats, some are celebrity chef books.  if you have any recipe books you would recommend to me, i would love to hear about them!

le petit déjeuner

i had a really delicious french style breakfast, or should i say, le petit déjeuner, this morning.  fresh, warm croissant, bonne maman strawberry conserve, fresh orange juice and a very british mug of tea, albeit in a starbucks mug from paris!  the only thing that would have made it better? if it was being served to me in paris ♥

i heart italian food

just wanted to share some delicious italian food i had this week in st andrews.  it was only at bella italia but it was so yummy…


heart shaped ravioli filled with buffalo mozzarella and tomato with spinach and cherry tomatoes in a pesto drizzle!

then i spotted a cupcake shop so of course i had to bring home some cupcakes for me and the mister…

mine – honeycomb, the mister’s – double chocolate

what’s in the box today?

i have been a customer of for a couple of years now and i still get excited when the little box comes through my letter box.  for those who don’t know, it’s a website you can sign up to and receive a box of nutritious snacks sent to your home or work address.  you rate all their products on the website so you only get sent things you like.  i think the boxes cost about £3 a time and you can sign up on a regular basis where you can pick a day or two days a week (or more if you like) to receive a box, or like me,  you can use the one-off option, and order boxes as and when you please.  here’s what i got this time:

milkshake mix – dried banana and strawberries with white chocolate buttons
west country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia – the title says it all
beach bum – dried organic mango and banana with coconut shavings
savoury roasted seeds – a pack of roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

that’s just a small selection of what they offer.  they have olives, honey coated nuts, fajita seeds, all types of dried fruit, you name it, they have it.  it’s pretty cool and much healthier than eating a cookie. for more info check out and if you sign up, use the promotion code NHPXVLC3 and your first box will be free.  you have no obligation to take any more boxes after that first one.  as far as i’m aware, graze only operate in the uk.  happy grazing!