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sick day

i’m sick.  i had to come home from work today because i felt all hot and shivery and clammy and sick and just plain crappy.  i’ve never been one of those people who can be ill and go to their bed and sleep and i never lose my appetite unless i have the full on flu so i like soup and movies when i’m sick.  as a kid i had a lot of issues with my sinuses and tonsils and i was off school…a lot.  luckily my dad worked from 5pm until midnight and was around to take care of me.  he always made the best sick day food…grilled cheese sandwiches and heinz tomato soup.

  sometimes he would give me hula hoop crisps to dunk in my soup like croutons.  he would make me milky tea or hot ribena and i’d get all settled on the couch with my snoopy and woodstock blanket and watch movies.  i think ya’ll know i love my movies and between me and my husband we have a pretty ridiculous collection but whenever i’m sick i want to watch the movies that i used to watch when i was sick as a kid.  there’s something comforting about it.  same as i still like a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (sometimes with hula hoops).  so i thought i would do a little top 5 of my favourite sick day movies. 

willy wonka and the chocolate factory (still my favourite for sick days)

edward scissorhands (i watched this so much i went through 2 videos that got chewed up from overuse)

the little mermaid. loved it since i saw it in the cinema. still joint favourite disney movie of all time with peter pan

the neverending story. isn’t this a favourite sick day movie of most 80’s kids?

my girl. i was a HUGE macaulay culkin fan. i still can’t cope when thomas j dies and i want all of shelly’s wardrobe and her camper!

so there you have it. i’m still a big kid at heart and there isn’t a time when you revert back to being a kid quite as much as when you’re sick. hope you don’t catch this bug.


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i cannot wait to see this movie…

i am a huge sofia coppola fan.  i own all her previous movies; the virgin suicides, lost in translation and marie antoinette.  i adore her dreamy way of filming and her use of imagry.  anyway, so excited to see her new offering ‘somewhere’.  i’m happy stephen dorff is returning to the screen, he was a teen crush of mine and elle fanning is pretty fantastic. i’d go so far as to say she’s a lot better than her sister, dakota.  if you don’t believe me, watch ‘phoebe in wonderland’.  i’m also pretty excited that sofia is sticking with using french bands to do her movie soundtrack.  this time it’s gonna be one of my ultimate favourites, phoenix. excited, excited, excited!


i cannot wait to see this movie.  i have been waiting forever for it to come out.  now, finally, tomorrow is the day.  the clothes, the music, this movie is gonna rock.

movies i heart ~ scott pilgrim vs. the world

last night was date night for me and the mister.  we had dinner at nando’s as it’s one of the mister’s favourite places to eat.  then we went to the movies. you all know that i love my movies.  i wouldn’t call myself a ‘buff’ but one of my favourite things to do is go to the movies and get a huge icy diet coke and salty/sweet mix popcorn and just absorb movies on the big screen.  one movie i was beyond desperate to see this summer was scott pilgrim vs. the world.  i was not disappointed.  basically the movie is about scott pilgrim, a canadian boy who falls in love with a girl called ramona.  in order to date her he must defeat her 7 evil exes. the movies is based upon the comic book series by bryan lee o’malley.  it’s a quirky movie that incorporates comic book/romcom/teen romance.  there are nods to old school computer games and the name of scott pilgrim’s band sex bob-omb is a nod to a character from the super mario games. there are also links to musicians with characters called stephen stills and young neil.  the movie is shot with split screens, batman style words like ‘whump’ and ‘pow’ during fight scenes and generally looks like one big comic book. it’s funny, the casting is perfect and i think it has something for everyone.  it is already up there as one of my favourite movies of the last few years  and i absolutely recommend it to everyone.

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movies i heart ~ american splendor


american splendor is a cute little indie movie based on the life of the late harvey pekar, a working class american guy who turned his life story into a comic book of the same name.  the movie switches between fiction, with paul giamatti starring as harvey, and real-life with the actual people the characters are based on giving their insights.  when you see the real-life sections, you realise what an amazing job the actors have done to become their subjects right down to the voices.  my favourite character is toby, the genuine nerd, played wonderfully by judah friedlander. please check this movie out.

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as if!

i realised today that one of my favourite movies from my teen years is 15 this year! 15! man, i feel old.  the movie is clueless.  i saw it in the movie theater in 1995 when i was 14 and loved it.  my friends and i would quote it all the time and let’s face it, we all wanted to be cher.  it starred the beautiful alicia silverstone as cher, the late brittany murphy as tai, the adorable paul rudd as josh and breckin myer, who i had a bit of a weird crush on, as travis birkenstock (great name!).  it’s one of those typical 90s movies where nothing much happens but it’s funny and very much a sign of the times.  i watched it recently and still thought it was great. some of my favourite quotes…

“cher’s saving herself for luke perry.”

“do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?”

“searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a pauly shore movie.”

“as if!”

and many more…

if you’ve never seen clueless, where the hell have you been? go watch it now.  if you have seen it, chances are you share my feelings about how good this movie was and still is.  happy 15th birthday clueless.

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