i heart fall tv shows

i am obsessed with so many great tv shows right now that i’ve been watching online.

first up is new girl starring the lovely zooey deschanel.  you know we love her in this house.  it’s such a cute show. she plays this nerd called jess who likes to sing in uncomfortable situations and has 3 pretty dorky guy flatmates.  she also comes out with classic lines like “i’m gonna have fun ’cause there’s nothin’ wrong with me. if you don’t like that, then TOUGH TATER TOTS, TOOTER!”

2 broke girls is a funny little show about a struggling feisty chick played by the awesome kat dennings who ends up working and living with a heiress princess who has fallen out of favour with her family as they try to earn money to start a cupcake business. it’s witty, funny and a little bit different. liking it a lot so far.

i love this show. i always dreamed of being a stewardess when i was little after seeing a show on tv, not sure what it was, but there was the most glamourous 60s stewardess on it and i wanted to be her. anyway, pan am is a pretty great show. the styling is great and donna from neighbours is in it.

hart of dixie is one that i have just started watching today.  i’m not a huge fan of rachel bilson as an actress, but i have always liked her style.  i watched half of the pilot episode and i like it so far.  it’s sort of a tv version of the movie, swet home alabama.  good so far.

believe it or not, two and a half men is a new show for me.  my husband loves this show but i have never been able to watch an entire episode because i really do not like charlie sheen.  anyway, now that ashton is in it, i gave it a whirl and i love it! i have missed ashton being on tv since his days as kelso in that 70s show, my favourite sitcom of all time.  he basically plays a grown up version on kelso in this, pretty but dumb and i think he fits right into the show.

well i should really stop watching so much tv or my eyes will go square or i may even end up shurnk and in my tv like mike teevee in charlie and the chocolate factory!

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