i heart fall

 fall, autumn whatever you want to call it, it is upon us.  i have always thought of myself as a summer girl but actually as i’ve gotten older, i’ve realised that i am definitely an autumn girl at heart.  i like when the nights get darker earlier and the weather starts to be a little cooler, ok a lot cooler in scotland. i love when all the leaves turn golden, orange and red and fall off the trees in huge piles.  i like to wear hoodies and cardigans and tights and boots and to snuggle on the couch on a dark, cold night with a blanket (and a mister!) and watching the harry potter movies.  i love that in autumn, food gets a little more comforting, a little spicier and a bit more rustic.  it is the time of year for soups made with autumn vegetables like squash, carrot and parsnips and eaten with hunks of crusty bread.  it is the time of year for warming curries and chilli with cornbread and comfort foods like bangers & mash and mac ‘n’ cheese (vegan options for me, obviously!). it is the time of year for chai tea lattes at starbucks and cinnamon rolls and well, cinnamon on everything. and maple syrup on everything. and huge mugs of tea.  but above all else….it is the time for pumpkin.  i love pumpkin, so much that my mister’s (not so) secret pet name for me is, pumpkin.  at this time of year i stock up on pumpkin and i get out my jar of pumpkin spice mix and make pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin muffins and pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie and if i lived in america it would be the time of year to be adding a little pumpkin spice syrup to my starbucks latte.  i am all about the pumpkin. so, blog readers, here are some autumn images to get you in the mood for a great fall season…



(images 1-5 via weheartit)


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