beautiful people ~ ryan dunn

ryan dunn.  not somebody you would expect to make a beautiful people blog post.  since i first saw him on jackass all those years ago, he has been my favourite.  i have a type of guy that i like.  bearded, scruffy, tattooed, a little wild, he ticked all of those boxes.  i loved his aviator sunglasses.  best of all he, along with the rest of the jackass boys, made me laugh like crazy.  sure, he may have been crazy, rude, foul-mouthed, risky with his life but he was still a beautiful person to me.  i was so happy when i was at a music festival in baltimore, md and ryan, bam, steve-o and uncle don vito from jackass were there and  i was shocked and saddened to hear that he passed away early this morning in a car accident, aged 34.  jackass will never be the same.  rip ryan ♥ 


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