these boots are made for walking

sadly, my friend’s younger sister, aislinn, passed away earlier this year after battling cystic fibrosis for most of her life.  she was 23 years old.  i had heard of cf in the past and was aware that sufferers have a build up of mucus and require “thumps” to help clear that mucus.  that was the extent of my knowledge.  i have since found out that cf is one of the uk’s most common inherited diseases, each week 5 babies are born with cf, each week 2 lives are lost due to cf and only half of cf sufferers are like to live past their 30’s!  pretty shocking figures.  aislinn lived in ireland where the statistcis are even worse.  her family and friends are raising money for CF ireland so that a cure may be found for this disease.  i wanted to help.  i looked online and found there was a 12 mile sponsored walk happening yesterday in edinburgh so i signed up.   i got sponsor money and i set off.  holy shizzle, it was hard-going.  i am notorious for quitting on things the minute they get too hard and let me tell you, there were a few times when my hips hurt and my toes were aching and i felt lightheaded and i just wanted to phone my dad and get him to come pick me up.  just at those moments i would think of who i was doing it for – aislinn and all the other cf sufferers out there.  some of them won’t even get to live to the age i am now and what they go through with their treatment in their lifetimes is much worse than a 12 mile walk.  so i stuck with it and i got through it and i’m happy i have been able to help in some small way.  i am in a lot of pain today – my hips hurt like crazy and i pretty much reek of tiger balm, but i am determined to do whatever i can to help this cause.  here are some photos of my day  (there are no photos of me immediately after the walk, i pretty much collapsed on the grass!)

…another cf supporter who lost her sister, aged 22, in february this year

…..sugary snacks for energy

…my first ever medal

…looks pretty gross but let me tell you that ‘well hung and tender’ cheeseburger was close to a michelin star meal at that point!

…miracle worker


if you would like to know more about cf and the work they do, you can click here

thanks to all those who sponsored me, it is much appreciated. xo


One response to “these boots are made for walking

  1. Am so proud of what you managed to do, and the reasons why. Though lady you are <3

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