one more week!!!!!

ladies and fellas, i have made it to my last week of college.  all my work is done, i just have to hand a couple things in next week and get some feedback and then i’m done-zo!  it feels so good to pretty much have my life back.  i have big plans for my new-found freedom.  first up….organisation!!!  the mister and i have been a bit lax with our orgainsation and we have let laundry pile up, there is stuff everywhere and well, the place looks like a bomb went off!  i plan to have a huge clean out in the next couple of weeks and we are gonna be ruthless.  then hopefully we can do a boot sale and make some money for our unwanted stuff.  we are both terrible hoarders but i think the time has come to offload some of it.  who knows, we may emigrate some day and we for sure can’t take even half of our stuff with us.  it’s pretty sad, but you know i love to write lists and i am so excited to get a list made of all the stuff that needs doing over the next month or so.  such a great feeling to cross things off when they’re done!  for now, sad as it sounds…..i have bought some page markers to go through my recipe books and mark off the recipes that i want to try, i’ve bought a blue box file to put all our importnat documents as they are currently everywhere and i’ve hijacked my mama’s label maker so i can start labelling everything that’s in sight!!!

we have some pretty cool stuff coming up over the next couple weeks.  a couple of days after i finish college we fly over to dublin to see some friends that we met in melbourne, australia.  we haven’t seen them in 3 years and we had such awesome times together, it’s gonna be so great to hang out for a little while.  then when we come home we have tickets to a film premiere of ewan mcgregor’s new movie ‘perfect sense’ and guess what???? ewan is going to be there!!!! quite stoked about that! then it will be back to normality and job hunting! i have a bit of a full weekend this weekend so expect a blog or two. have a lovely weekend. xo



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