campervan and bug lovin’

my mister and i are both vw fans.  since i was really little, i have had a thing for beetles and campervans, probably stemming from my love of the 60s and 70s and the idea of living as a free spirit.  i can think of nothing more exciting than a spontaneous weekend spent packing up the camper and taking off on a roadtrip witt no pre-determined destination.  bliss.  my husband has promised me both a beetle and a camper once we figure out where we’ll be living so for now i have to make do with looking a pictures.  le sigh!  yesterday we went to a festival in biggar, scotland called volksfling.  it’s a weekend long festival for vw enthusiasts so we went to check it out.  i had grand ideas in my head that it was going to be all about restored campers and modified beetles but it turned out to be mostly a campsite with some people selling parts and trying to sell their vw’s.  pretty boring plus it was drizzly rain and kinda cold so we didn’t stay too long but here are some photos of the day….

i shall leave you with those pretty images while i go and daydream about roadtripping america in a camper….


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