top 5 vol. 5

i haven’t been blogging regularly for a while, really because college has been zapping all my energy.  i have barely had any motivation to do anything, even things i really love to do like read, bake and cook.  anyway, have no fear blog buddies, i have officially 3 weeks left of college and in those 3 weeks, i’m only actually at college for 6 days and placement for 6 days and then i’m done. for good. woop woop! i shall have my life back.  very much looking forward to it.  so in the meantime, while my zapped braincells recover enough to blog about interesting things, here’s a top 5:

top 5 childhood books
1.  charlotte’s web by e.b. white
2.  any judy blume book
3.  any paula danziger book
4.  paddy’s pot of gold by dick king-smith
5.  the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle

top 5 american states i’ve visited so far
1.  virginia (home ♥)
2.  maryland
3.  tennessee
4.  nevada
5.  new hampshire

top 5 albums i’ve been listening to in the last couple weeks
1.  brothers by the black keys
2.  flaws by bombay bicycle club
3.  21 by adele
4.  rumours by fleetwood mac (best ever!!!!)
5.  bright lights by ellie goulding

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