spaghetti mission

my mister’s favourite food is spaghetti bolognase.  he could probably eat it all day everyday and not get sick of it, i’ve seen him have it for lunch and dinner on the same day on some occassions.  a lot of the time for quickness i make him spaghetti using a jar sauce that he likes.  the jar sauce tastes really good but now i have a bit more time on my hands, i plan on cooking a whole lot more from scratch.  i’ve set myself a mission to try out loads of recipes for homemade spaghetti bolognase until we find his perfect sauce recipe.  he is pretty much a spaghetti connoisseur so this could take a while. 

we started last night with a recipe called ‘kinda spaghetti bolognaise’ from jamie oliver’s happy days with the naked chef recipe book.

this recipe sounded delicious.  it had smoky bacon in it loads of tomato, red wine, fresh herbs, lots of onion and garlic.  sounds good huh?   and it was.  the smokiness of the bacon came through and it had a really unusual taste.  the sauce was thick which is a good thing as the mister doesn’t like watery bolognase sauce.  it was easy to prepare except it took 1 and a half hours in the oven!!!  all in all it took around two hours to prepare.  the slow cooking in the oven did give the meat a whole new flavour as the sauce really got to marinate but i’m not sure i could justify spending 2 hours preparing spaghetti every time we want to have it for dinner.  believe me, my mister requests spaghetti at least once a week.  here’s how it turned out…

i like a lot of parmesan as you can see!  along with this, i made my own garlic bread which turned out to be pretty delicious, although i forgot to take a photo of it! oops!

the mister’s verdict?  3 out of 5
he said the sauce was a good consistency and he liked the herbs in the sauce and although the idea of bacon in it was good, he felt the bacon overpowered the sauce.  so thanks jamie, but as much as i love you and your recipes, this particular recipe of yours for spaghetti bolognase isn’t going to be our winner.  and so, the spaghetti mission continues!


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