i heart japan

when i was 11 my class did a project at school on japan and all things japanese.  we had a japanese lady called noriko come in and do activities with us like tea ceremonies, making sushi rice balls, origami, trying on kimonos and writing our name in japanese.  i loved every single second we spent on topic work that term and ever since then i have been a bit of a japanophile.  these recent earthquakes/tsunami in japan have been heartbreaking to watch.  i haven’t had the chance to visit japan yet (pout) but one day, i’ll get there and i’ll absorb my self in japanese culture ♥

here are some of the things i love about japan in pictures…

….japanese food.  whether it be sushi, bento, teriyaki, katsu, miso.  i love the way they look at some of their food like an art form.

…green tea.  ok, starbucks isn’t japanese but i love everything green tea and that includes macarons, froyo, cake, pots of green tea and of course a lovely iced green tea latte from starbucks when i’m in america!

…origami.  i used to spend hours making origami, especially peace cranes like these in all different colours and patterns. i need to dig out my origami papers again.

…beautiful temples and cherryblossom (or sakura as it’s called in japanese)

…the whole history and story of geisha is so intriguing to me.  i have read many books about it.

…kimonos.  i think kimonos are beautiful and i love kimono style dresses.  i would love to own an issa kimono dress one day ♥

…harajuku girl style.  it’s not the kind of style i would ever go for myself but i love that these girls dress like they’re in fairytales and make everday dressing look boring.

photo source: we heart it


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