mama’s birthday

i haven’t blogged in a MONTH!!! that’s crazy. i have been so bombarded with college stuff and have had no inspiration recently. it’s quite depressing actually.  so i’ve decided to get back to blogging.  i only have 9 more weeks of college and some of that is holidays or study days so it’s actually a lot less than that.  i cannot wait for june 10th, my last official day as a student.

yesterday was my mama’s birthday, i thought i would put a photo of her on circa 1975.  love the afro!

i realised that as hard as i tried to keep this from being a foodie type blog, food is a major passion in my life.  reading recipe books, cooking, eating out, i just can’t help but get excited by food.  so here are a few foodie photos from my weekend…

…i’ve been having berries, yoghurt and manuka honey for breakfast a lot recently

…i went to a cupcake gallery at a local church and bought these cute cupcakes for 50p each!!! bargain! the ones with the chicks are especially cute!

…i got this sushi from marks & spencer’s.  it was actually reduced so the whole lot cost £3! it was goooooooood.  my favourite was the beetroot/wasabi one.  it’s a rainbow of colour on a plate.

…i went to the grocery store this morning to get ingredients for making dinner tonight and it’s the release day for harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 in the uk.  this was the first thing that went in my trolley, and it was only £7!!!!! happy girl. 

the weather is horrible today.  it was so sunny and warm over the weekend and today is rainy, gray and we’re forecast for thunder and lightning this afternoon.  the perfect day to snuggle up with my mister under blankets watching harry potter.


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