i’ve blogged about before.  basically you sign up, rate their products picking which ones you dislike, want to try, like or love and you get boxes filled with delicious healthy snacks sent to you on whichever day you choose, however often you choose.  it’s pretty awesome and i always get excited when i see that little box come through the door in the mail.  today was a great box…

top row l-r: honeycomb flapjack and bento mix (wasabi peas and satay broadbeans)

bottom row l-r: beach bum (organic dried mango, coconut and banana) and fennel seed and honey peanuts.

looking forward to eating it all.  if you want to give it a try go to and sign up.  if you do, enter the code ‘NHPXVLC3’  and that will give you a free box.  You can cancel anytime you like (i stop and start all the time depending on what money i have) so you can canel after your free trial box.  i totally recommend it.


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