i think i’ve said before that i am a list freak.  i love to write lists.  there’s just something so calming about being able to organise your thoughts into lines of possibility, and, call me a freak, but i get a little thrill from crossing things off when they happen.  for me it makes life easier if i can list it.  i make lists about lots of things from shopping, to college work i have to do, to wish lists on shop sites like amazon.  i think you get the jist.  i have been keeping 2 bigs lists on my iphone, one for movies i watch in 2011 and the other for books i read in 2011.  i counted up today and movies is a respectable total of 25.  books on the other hand….big, fat 0. zero, zip, nada, zilch.  how can this be?  i love books. i devour books.  i have a shelf full of unread books waiting to be read.  stupid college.  i have been so stressed and have had no motivation to do anything.  but recently i made a bit of a change  (which i’ll go into in another post) and things are looking up.  i feel positive and carefree and like i can cope again.  so yesterday, i went to the bookstore (i could live in a bookstore) and i picked out some books in a 3 for 2 offer.  as i’m on vacation this week i have made a pact with myself that i am going to read at least 1 of them, hopefully 2.  here’s the ones i bought, plus another i bought recently that i’m excited to read…

 it took me a while to decide what to start with, but i’ve chosen safran foer.  i started it yesterday and i’m liking it. so far, so good!  for those interested, here is my movie list thus far…

Post Grad – 1.1.11
Up In The Air – 1.1.11
Dan In Real Life – 1.1.11
Adventureland – 3.1.11
Sunshine Cleaning – 4.1.11
Amelie – 4.1.11
Marie Antoinette – 5.1.11
Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky – 14.1.11
Fast Food Nation – 17.1.11
Black Swan – 18.1.11
Somewhere – 22.1.11
Tangled – 30.1.11
Everybody’s Fine – 2.2.11
Where The Wild Things Are – 3.2.11
To Kill A Mockingbird – 3.2.11
Blue Valentine – 3.2.11
A Little Bit Of Heaven – 6.2.11
The Runaways – 7.2.11
Heartbreaker – 7.2.11
Bambi – 8.2.11
Valentine’s Day – 12.2.11
Revolutionary Road – 12.2.11
Charlie St. Cloud 12.2.11
The Karate Kid – 12.2.11
The Social Network – 13.2.11

maybe i’ll do an update on this list in a couple months!


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