i have been one stressed little bunny recently.  i was on edge all the time.  i was snappy and grouchy and losing sleep.  it had to stop.  my friend suggested i give yoga a go.  so i thought, why not?  i went along to her hatha yoga class 2 weeks ago and it has been the best thing i’ve done for a long time.  hatha yoga is pretty slow and it’s all about breathing and focusing on your body and how it feels.  i’m not gonna lie, it was just what i needed.  for those hour and a half classes i had no worries on my mind at all.  since yoga, i’ve felt more positive.  i’ve found i’m bendier than i thought and my balance could use a little work, but my teacher says i have great form for a beginner so i’m happy.  i didn’t know what to expect from a yoga class.  it was candlelit and with dim lighting, it smelled of incense and there were people of all ages, i would say i was definitely at the young end of the class.  we spent half an hour working on relaxation and breathing and then we did poses and then relaxed again.  we ended with an “om” chant 3 times.  i was dubious about the chanting but it was such a pretty sound that it’s now one of my favourite parts.  i came out feeling all sleepy and marshmallowy and chilled out.  i’m known for being a quitter which doesnt bother me but seems to bother others, but i’m thinking yoga is going to be something that i keep up.  if i ever get pregnant i will most definitely attend a pregnancy yoga class and i will encourage my kids to attend kiddo yoga.  i definitely recommend it.  i’m not great at all the poses yet but i hope to imporve as i go on and try other forms of yoga when i get better at it.  i definitely heart yoga!


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