epic fail :(

so i’ve been a pretty bad vegan this week.  i donno what’s happened.  i’ve stuck to this diet before for like 6 months at a time without cracking.  i can only put it down to my recent massive interest in cooking.  i’ve always been interested in cooking but lately i’ve been more adventurous and i got some new recipe books which all have amazing recipes in them.  i slipped up pretty badly during the week and ended up having fish and chips one night and then a baked potato with cheese yesterday.  i feel really bad, i cracked after less than 2 weeks.  today was kinda the icing on the cake.  i’d bought some vegan mature cheddar style cheese and was determind to give it a shot a nd enjoy it, but i was almost sick eating it.  so gross, and the brand is meant to be one of the best.  i can’t do without cheese or a cheese substitute.  i do love rice milk though (score!!!)  so what i’m proposing to do is have 5 days vegan, 1 day vegetarian (able to eat cheese and eggs) and 1 day when i’m allowed meat. i have lost 6 1/2 lbs though in 2 weeks which i’m quite impressed with so this has given me a boost to keep it up for the 5 days.  i have no willpower whatsoever.  i can’t seem to give up diet coke and i can’t stay vegan.  i’m not gonna beat myself up about it though, i’ve tried and that is more than a lot of people.  i still want to eat mostly vegan.  i won’t be calling myself vegan but saying i eat a mostly plant-based diet.  i’m just a food lover who wants to enjoy what i’m eating.  sorry if i’ve let you down.

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