vegan update (week1)

so…it’s been a whole week since i pledged to go vegan for a little over a year.  it’s been a pretty straightforward week and i haven’t found giving up dairy, meat and fish too hard at all.  i’ve even been out for dinner for chinese and had some lovely sweet and sour tofu at cotton house and then a tofu curry at sumo – both delicious.  i havent been particularly good this week, i let myself have this week to just eat what i wanted to get into the swing of not eating meat, fish or dairy.  i also haven’t been working out on my cross trainer like i was planning to.  on top of that, it has been my october vacation week from college so i haven’t had any routine and that is a bad thing for me and i tend to pick at things all day long, eating way too much.  that being said, i have lost just under 6lbs since last sunday night, by doing almost nothing :)  here’s hoping that this coming week, being back at college, i can lose more for next weigh-in.

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