10.10.10-11.11.11 update #1

thought i’d give you a little update on my vegan challenge.  i’m 3 days in now and i’ve been doing really well.  apart from craving a little bit of cheese earlier today, i haven’t really missed meat or dairy.  i’ve been eating well, making sure i get lots of protein and calcium amongst other things.  i’ve been trying to mix up what i’m eating so that i don’t get bored this time around so i’ve had things like a vegan fry up for my first breakfast (vegan bacon and sausage and hash browns), vegan pad thai, oatcakes with hummus and veggies, tofu sweet and sour at the chinese and a bagel with pb&j.  snack wise, i’ve been enjoying dried and fresh fruit, pretzels and lovely dark chocolate with raspberries in it.  i can’t explain it, but i feel better already.  i feel like maybe i’ve lost a lb or two, but i’m not going to weigh myself until sunday night, so i’ll keep you posted on that one!  anyway…i’m enjoying it so far and i look forward to keeping you updated with what’s going on.

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