so today is a pretty cool and memorable day.  the date is 10.10.10.  a date like this deserves a pretty cool memory so after a guy whose blog i follow decided to post a new photo on his blog every day between 10.10.10 and 11.11.11, i started to think about what i could do to mark the occasion.  i’ve probably mentioned before that i’ve been vegan in the past and failed.  this is mostly due to the fact that i never made time to try new recipes and prepare good food, meaning i ended up eating the same stuff over and over and getting bored.  i’ve wanted to go back to being vegan for a little while now and thought i would prepare for it properly.  i struggled with lunch ideas so i found a thread on www.veganforum.com that was purely lunch ideas and sandwich fillings.  i’ve dug out my vegan recipes books and marked some recipes i’m gonna try.  my pledge basically is that i will eat a vegan diet between 10.10.10 and 11.11.11.  i may not succeed, but i’m gonna give it a damn good shot and if on 11.11.11 i decide to stay vegan, then all good, if not, i’ll have completed my mission anyway so i’ll be happy!  i know sometimes i can be all talk and no action but i am determined to do this, mostly for the health benefits.  i started out this morning with a pretty good vegan ‘fry up’ that consisted of vegan bacon and sausage and a couple of hash browns.  i washed it all down with some tropicana oj that has added calcium.  lunch was some home-made roasted butternut soup with chilli, sage and cinnamon in it and a hunk of crusty bread.  so far, so good.  i won’t bore you with this throughout the year, but every now and again i will update on how i’m doing and the pros and cons i’m finding as i go along.  if you want some more info on becoming vegan check out www.viva.org.uk, i found it pretty helpful.

(image via weheartit)  


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