to me, heroes are normal people who stand up for what they believe in, try to change the world and selflessly give up their precious time and effort to do something extraordinary.  one man who encompasses this, in my opinion, is the wonderful jamie oliver.  i know some people can’t stand him and actually a lot of my friends find him annoying but in my eyes he is pretty much the bees knees.  what other tv chef has given up so much time and effort to trying to get our children eating healthy food in their school canteens?  who else has gone across to america to help out the most overweight city on america and at the same time missing out on time with his own wife and children because he cares so much about other people?  nobody, that’s who.  he comes up against criticism and opposition but he does not give up and that is the marking of a true hero.  i have nearly every book he has written, nearly every issue of jamie magazine and i watch all his tv shows.  the latest show on tv, jamie’s american revolution, has been my favourite so far.  the ideas of the government and people in charge over there have shocked me.  i cannot believe they considered a portion of french fries as a healthy vegetable option!  i have cried almost every week empathisisng with the families and kids he has been helping.  i believe jamie is one of a few people we can truly call a national treasure and i will always stick up for him. 

(image via google)

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