music i heart ~ newton faulkner

i’ve been a fan of newton’s since a little before he released his debut single ‘dream catch me’ in 2007, after a surfer friend told me about him.  his music style is right up my street, chilled out, acoustic, very john butler trio/jack johnson-esque (i hope he wouldn’t mind these comparisons).  his voice has the most beautiful tone to it and his lyrics are beautiful…

“there’s a place i go, when i’m alone
do anything i want, be anyone i wanna be,
but it is us i see, and i cannot believe i’m falling,
that’s where i’m goin’
where are you goin’
hold it close won’t let this go,
dream catch me, yeah,
dream catch me when i fall,
or else i won’t come back at all.”

i must admit i hadn’t listened to newton’s albums, Hand Built By Robots and Re-Built By Humans in a while, but i dug them out last week and have been listening pretty much non-stop.  here are some of my favourite songs of his (some aren’t actual videos as i couldn’t embed them, but please listen and love ♥)  sidenote:  i haven’t included ‘dream catch me’ as i couldn’t find one on youtube that would let me embed and kinda gave up, but if you don’t know that song, please do check it out.

first up is my current favourite, ‘over and out’

…and the beautiful ‘i need something’





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