my new philosophy

this has been my philosophy for most of my adult life so far, but although i believe it, and have done a few random things, i really haven’t been living this way.  from now on, i am going to live this philosophy as much as i can.  i started college recently doing a childcare course and with every day i attend college, i know more and more that i don’t want to do childcare as a job.  i’ve always had a dream (i’ve mentioned in previous posts) of opening my own little quirky cafe/vintage haven but it’s always been a dream.  recently i’ve witnessed a few people taking charge of their lives and making their dream jobs a reality and it has completely inspired me.  so i won’t be quitting my college course, but in the meantime i am going to research how to make my dream become a reality in the near future.  i am practising cooking and short-listing recipes that might come in useful and learning to bake.  i am researching all things vintage.  it won’t happen for a few years until we know where we are going to settle but hopefully, i’ll get there!

(image via weheartit)

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