what’s cookin’?

now that i’m back to being at college and placement all week, i’m relishing my weekends again.  i had a pretty nice day yesterday walking around a farmers market and chilling with my mister at night.  he’s started back at uni again and we keep missing each other with conflicting schedules.  today is the 2 year anniversary of the day we got engaged ♥  i decided to spend the day cooking.  i love to cook and maybe someday would like to own my own cafe or something.  anyway…i’ve decided to use my weekends to cook and each week i hope to try out a new soup, a new main course and some sort of baked good.  here’s what i made this weekend…

a mexican tortilla soup garnished with avocado, lime zest, grated cheddar and toasted sage tortilla chips

coconut bread, best toasted with my plum and cinnamon jam from the farmers market

my mister’s favourite, meatballs and pasta

two years ago, on our engagement night we watched the movie juno and it kinda became ‘our movie’ and would you believe it?  it’s on tv tonight (we own the dvd but we think this is fate or something! hahaha!)  so off i go to spend the night sipping coke, eating popcorn and watching juno with the best man in the whole world – my mister. 

(juno image via google)

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