my mister, the bookworm.

i truly now believe that wonders never cease and nothing is impossible.  when i met my mister i was pretty appalled to find out that he hated to read.  in fact the only things he read were garfield books, where’s wally (waldo) and the sports page at the back of the daily paper.  it made me a bit nervous because reading is such a major part of my life and i really didn’t know if this would become a problem as i’d always imagined myself sitting in bed with my future husband both of us reading.  boring to some, but idyllic to me.  anyhoo, he wasn’t interested in books at all.  i tried harry potter, roald dahl (to get him started) but all to no avail.  then i remembered a certain author called danny wallace.  i owned his ‘join me’ book and the mister and i had seen and now owned the ‘yes man’ movie which was inspired by his book of the same name.  basically danny is a man who comes up with crazy ideas that involve huge amounts of random travelling and crazy adventures.  i thought this would be right up the boy’s street as he likes crazy, random, funny adventures.  we had an upcoming trip to orkney for my cousin’s wedding this summer and as we were staying in a place we didn’t expect to have tv and a long 6 hour drive up there, i thought it would be the perfect time to get the boy reading.  i casually suggested a trip to the library for myself and he came along.  i pointed out danny wallace and told him this was the guy who had inspired the ‘yes man’ movie….yadda yadda yadda….he took the ‘friends like these’ book out and he pretty much read any spare minute he got when we were away.  i was amazed!  he totally loves danny now and i think he’s the kind of guy that he wishes was his best friend so they could do crazy stuff together, kinda like i wish i was bff with drew barrymore!  it’s taken him a while to read a second book, but he finished ‘are you dave gorman?’ last night, which is a book written by danny along with his friend dave gorman.  i am so unbelievably proud that my mister is giving reading a chance.  i know it’s not ‘war and peace’ or anything that is going to win any sort of book awards but he has found an author that he can relate to and he now has 3 more danny wallace books on his letter to santa!  you should definitely check these books out, if they got my mister reading, then they must be good.

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