what’s in the box today?

i have been a customer of graze.com for a couple of years now and i still get excited when the little box comes through my letter box.  for those who don’t know graze.com, it’s a website you can sign up to and receive a box of nutritious snacks sent to your home or work address.  you rate all their products on the website so you only get sent things you like.  i think the boxes cost about £3 a time and you can sign up on a regular basis where you can pick a day or two days a week (or more if you like) to receive a box, or like me,  you can use the one-off option, and order boxes as and when you please.  here’s what i got this time:

milkshake mix – dried banana and strawberries with white chocolate buttons
west country cheddar, red onion and chutney focaccia – the title says it all
beach bum – dried organic mango and banana with coconut shavings
savoury roasted seeds – a pack of roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds

that’s just a small selection of what they offer.  they have olives, honey coated nuts, fajita seeds, all types of dried fruit, you name it, they have it.  it’s pretty cool and much healthier than eating a cookie. for more info check out www.graze.com and if you sign up, use the promotion code NHPXVLC3 and your first box will be free.  you have no obligation to take any more boxes after that first one.  as far as i’m aware, graze only operate in the uk.  happy grazing!

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