all things french

i think i’ve probably mentioned once or twice that i am a little obsessed with all things french, the style, paris, pain au chocolats, yadda, yadda, yadda!  last night i started my first french class and i had a blast.  i was the youngest person there and even though i did german at school, i actually knew a bit more than those that had previous french experience.  ask me again how i’m liking it once we get onto grammar, but if i can eventually get good enough to hold my own in a conversation with a french person and read le petit prince in it’s native language, i’ll be a happy bunny.  i love this picture.  i have never been to paris but i often dream of waking to a chocolate croissant breakfast at a patisserie, walking around the street of paris taking in the moulin rouge, the flagship chanel store and of course the eiffel tower.  a girl can dream, right?  i wan’t to be the girl in that photo.  meantime, i’m reading ‘a moveable feast’ by hemingway and living paris in the 1920s through his eyes.

(image source – weheartit)

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