beautiful people ~ nicole richie

i love nicole richie.  i know some people can’t get past the image she had as ‘paris hilton’s sidekick’, the eating disroder rumours, the dui, her time in rehab, but i think she is amazing and i’ll tell you why.  i think it has been well documented that nicole spent time in rehab for heroin problems back in the day but from that time until now she has completely turned her life around.  she has settled down with joel madden from good charlotte and had two beautiful kiddos, harlow winter kate and sparrow midnight james.  she is a devoted mother and partner to joel.  she has become a businesswoman with her own beautiful accessories line, house of harlow 1960 and clothing line, winter kate, both named after her daughter.  what i admire about nicole is that she keeps herself to herself.  she seems to have a close-knit group of friends and she tends to keep out of the limelight more than she did in the past.  she has set up the richie-madden children’s foundation with joel, a charity to help under privileged kids.  lastly, you can’t deny the girl has style, and as i’m a huge lover of 60s and 70s fashion and boho style, she is one of my style crushes.  the girl has lionel ‘L-Train’ richie as a dad, what’s not to love? :)  here are some of my favourite photos of nicole.

i love the boho styling in this photo.

love this photo. she does headscarves and oversized sunglasses to perfection.

beautiful family photo. nicole with joel and little harlow.

adorable photo of nicole and her little man sparrow in paris.
i love her hat and sunglasses.

if you want to find out more about nicole richie, check out my twitter friend, belinda’s, blog

(all photos sourced from google images)
(the last photo is from nicole’s own collection)

One response to “beautiful people ~ nicole richie

  1. ah i love nichole richie…she is my hair muse…i take ideas from her all the time :)

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