top 5

those of you who are my facebook friends know that i love lists, and in particular i love to put top 5 questions in my status.  i thought it might be fun to do that on here every now and again.  so to start it off, i’ve got three top 5 lists for you…

top 5 countries i’ve visited so far
1. america
2. australia
3. norway
4. thailand
5. canada

top 5 food cuisines
1. tex mex
2. japanese/sushi
3. pizza/italian
4. chinese
5. indian

top 5 non-alcoholic drinks
1. ginger beer
2. pink lemonade
3. diet coke
4. iced tea
5. strawberry daquiri sobe

these were just a quick few i came up with.  i’ll try to post maybe one of these a month.


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