too cool for school

there’s been a little bit of an influx of posts on my blog – this is the fourth in 2 days, after a lull for a week or so.  the reason for this is because i’ve gone back to school.  i am now officially a student again.  for the last year i have been out of work and was pretty depressed for most of that time, not sure what to do with my life.  there was a lack of jobs and because of the recession, the ones that were advertised had pretty crappy wages.  basically i didn’t want to work in a call centre or office anymore.  i still don’t know for sure what i want to do but i thought in the meantime, seeing as the mister is at uni finishing his education, maybe i should take this chance and do something at college.  i started a childcare qualification 12 years ago that i never finished, life. work and travel got in the way.  so recently i decided that i should go back and finish it off.  it’s only 1 year of my life and at the end i will have more job options.  i was helluva nervous last week when i started but it’s actually been just what i needed.  the girls in my class are all pretty nice and i have structure and purpose again.  i know it’s going to be gard work and i have tons of assignments ahead of me, but i’m embracing the challenge and i’m so glad i made this decision.  i’m feeling happier and more positive than i have done since i came back from my australia trip in 2008.  i’m excited to get through this year and see what the future has in store for the mister and me.  one of my favourite things about going back to school has always been shopping for stationery.  i thought i would share a couple of cute things i bought for college.  if you’re ‘mature’ and want to change career or learn something new, just go for it, you never know where it will lead.  i’ve also signed up for a french beginners evening class that starts in a couple of weeks that i’m so excited about.  i am finally happy again.

my new satchel ‘schoolbag’

some pretty cute folders to store all my college work in. who says stationery has to be boring?

i actually think this might be the most adorable diary i’ve ever seen. i want wallpaper with this cute owl print :)


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