phoenix lovin’

this past saturday, the mister and i went to see one of my favourite bands, phoenix, play at the hmv picturehouse in edinburgh.  i have posted about them before, but just incase you didn’t read it, phoenix are a french band that have been about since 1999.  i’ve liked them for a good while now and their latest album, wolfgang amadeus, hasn’t been out of my stereo since.  their music is kinda synthy pop and pretty feel-good and i just heart them so much.  i’m a complete francophile too so the fact they’re french goes a long way with me too.  i’d heard they like to use light effects at their shows but it was 100 times cooler and more amazing than i was expecting, stupidly i forgot to take my camera, so i apologise for the lack of photos from the night.  the venue was pretty small and intimate and full of proper fans who knew every lyric and we just loving being in the presence of this band.  the light effects were pretty incredible, strobes, coloured lights and at one point the lights formed a cage effect and it looked like the band were caged in behind the lights.  pretty gosh darn awesome.  at the end the singer, thomas mars, came down into the crowd with a huge neon cable attached to his mic and climbed up to the mezzanine level leaving a trail of neon cable behind him.  it was just incredible.  the acoustics weren’t amazing but it’s still one of the best gigs i’ve been to for the show and atmosphere. definitely check them out if you have the chance, i guarantee you won’t regret it.  i still swoon a little when i remember thomas mars saying “merci beaucoup, merci, merci, merci” and when he sang in french ♥

(image via google)

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