cheapo day at the fringe

on monday the mister and i decided to head into edinburgh again and have a day checking out the free entertainment at the fringe festival, eat cheap street food and park and ride the bus into the city.  we caught a couple of street performers, one a juggler who was nothing special, the other a dorky, comedy magician who was pretty funny.  lunch was huge slices of pizza, mine mushroom, the mister’s margherita. after lunch we saw our first free show…

the edinburgh revue are basically students from edinburgh university who do stand up.  in the line up were 3 guys and a girl.  the guys were pretty hilarious, the girl was a bit try-hard and not so funny.  all in all, a really good free show.  our second free show was…

the set up on this one is one kiwi guy, one aussie guy and they do an hour show.  they alternate where one does 20 minutes and the other 40, and vice versa.  we saw the kiwi do 20 minutes, the aussie do 40.  the kiwi guy was pretty cute and funny and basically anybody with a kiwi accent can make me laugh – i guess that’s why i laugh so much at ‘eagle vs. shark’ and ‘flight of the concords’.  everything they say cracks me up.  the aussie was actually really funny but in a shocking way.  he joked about homophobia, british journalism, religion and whatnot, sometimes i felt a bit awkward when his jokes got a little bit of a ‘i can’t believe he just said that’ reaction from the audience, but on the whole a really great free show.  when we had a little time i also got to visit one of my favourite places in edinburgh…

there really is no better way for me to spend my time than a good rummage  in a thrift shop for vintage treasures.  sadly, due to a lack of money and a mister who  doesn’t really like to spend any length of time in vintage shops, i didn’t buy anything.  we had a really great day and including our parking and bus into the city and pizza we spent a total of about £11! not bad hey?

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