i heart sunglasses

for some ladies it’s shoes, others bags or jewellery, that little thing that we can’t walk by in the shops, that our boys tells us we have too much of, that you can never have too many of, that make us feel instantly better…we all have our ‘thing’.  for me, it’s sunglasses.  i have had a bit of a thing for sunglasses since i was little.  i used to playdress up and along with my mama’s heels, i always wanted to wear her sunglasses.  there is a photo of me kicking about taken when i was about 4 and i had my own pair of yellow rimmed sunglasses and they were pretty jackie o.  my problem is that i have a squint eyebrow.  one eyebrow sits higher than the other and finding sunglasses that didn’t highlight this used to be an issue.  let me tell you, i am eternally grateful to jackie o, nicole richie, victoria beckham, rachel zoe, mary-kate olsen and all the other women who made oversized sunglasses cool again.  now i can find sunglasses easily that cover the rogue brow :)  i am a tad obsessed.  i’ve bought 5 pairs of sunglasses this year already and have another vintage pair on the way that i bought online, and in my trip to vegas last year i bought 4 pairs in 1 visit to urban outfitters.  my mister goes crazy.  he just doesn’t understand.  i tell him they will last forever and i’ll pass them on to my kids as heirlooms!  most of the ones i buy are just cheap high street ones, i only have one designer pair (above) that my mister gave me last christmas – a re-issue of dior 1970s sunglasses that are my favourite pair.  i was bored earlier today and decided to take photos of my collection.  some aren’t included because they wouldn’t sit right or they were in the car but here they are in all their glory.

 the photos don’t actually do justice to the colours of some of them, sorry about that.

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