the ukulele project

on monday, the mister and i headed into edinburgh again for a full day of fringe festivalness.  first up on our agenda was a ukulele gig by a band called the ukulele project at underbelly.  the bank consists of 2 girls – oli and steph, and 2 boys – marcus and pete.  they all play ukes and basically play/sing  a variety of songs from old to new, giving them a ukulele twist.  i was so excited to see this gig as i’ve been a ukulele fan since i was little.  oli and marcus are the main singers with steph and pete providing backing vocals.  i wasn’t quite sure what to expect but they pretty much blew me away.  they played songs like ‘feel good inc’ by gorillaz, ‘love cats’ by the cure and a bond theme medley, often including comedy moments such as ‘hiiiiiiya-ing’ and shouting ‘wax on, wax off’ during ‘kung fu fighting’.  personal highlights for me were the beatles medley where they included my favourite beatles song, ‘twist and shout’ and an awesome rendition of ‘come together’ and when they played another favourite song of mine, ‘karma police’ by radiohead.  marcus has the most beauiful voice that has a lovely soothing tone to it and i must admit, i fell a little bit in love with him ♥  oli has a lovely gravelly tone to her voice and i adored her version of ‘love cats’.  i’d never seen anything quite like their magical version of ‘psycho killer’ by talking heads, it was pretty incredible.  their last song, ‘cecilia’ by simon and garfunkle was livley and had everyone clapping and singing along and it has left me determined to get back through and see them again before the fringe comes to a close.  for more information check out to link to their facebook page and buy tickets.

(band promo image via google images, other photos are my own)

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